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Murdenu (ムルデヌ Murudenu?) is a minor location in the Castlevania animated series. It is a Wallachian town located at the outskirts of Gresit.


A modest and very impoverished town located at the outskirts of the Wallachian city of Gresit. Its inhabitants live a simple –although often uneducated– life, with some blaming the old noble families for having seized all the land's riches to secure their power and relenting them to live in such conditions as a consequence.

Known inhabitants[]

  • Bosha: A rough farmer who seems to be fed up on life. He is Kob's half-brother.
  • Innkeeper: The owner of a tavern.
  • Kob: Bosha's half brother. A tall and rather strong man. He seems to agree with anything Bosha says, whether he really understands it or not.
  • Piter: Townsfolk friend of Bosha and Kob.


Concept art[]