NECA created four action figures based on characters from the Castlevania franchise that were intended to coincide with the release of the movie that was being in development at the time. The first series consists of four figures; the first being Simon Belmont from the original Castlevania, and the other three being Alucard, Dracula and the Succubus from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The figures were first shown in full form at Comic Con '07. A promotional item available at that convention was the Pixel Simon Mini Figure.


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  • Adult Swim's TV comedy series Robot Chicken created a parody sketch of Castlevania titled "Is that a Whip?" where models based on (or modified of) Simon and Dracula's NECA action figures are used. The clothing's materials and designs have slight differences from the actual figures, and the models used in the sketch are more flexible to allow better animation.
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