Naoto Shibata (柴田直人 Shibata Naoto?) is a Japanese musician and composer.

Shibata is a heavy metal bassist who began his career in 1981 with the metal band Anthem, where he quickly remained as the only original member and leader until their separation in 1992. He then joined another band called Loudness in 1994, until the reformation of the original Loudness in 2000, with then reformed Anthem. He also released a solo album of covers in 1999, as well as several albums of video game covers in the 1990s as part of his "Naoto Shibata Project" in collaboration with various musicians.

For the Castlevania series, he worked with his assemble of musicians for the albums Perfect Selection Dracula Battle and Perfect Selection Dracula Battle II, where he did progressive rock and heavy metal arrangements of early Castlevania themes, covering from the first games until Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.

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