"Nathan Graves is the chosen successor to wield the Hunter Whip. His parents, who were Vampire Hunters, were killed 10 years before while banishing Dracula."
— Official description

Nathan Graves (ネイサン・グレーブズ Neisan Gurēbuzu?, lit. "Nathan Grabes") is a vampire hunter from Konami's Castlevania series. He appears as the main protagonist in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, published on the Game Boy Advance in 2001. Nathan wields the Hunter Whip, in contrast to the Vampire Killer wielded by the Belmonts.

Character's history

Nathan's parents, along with their friend Morris Baldwin, set out on a quest to seal Dracula, the king of darkness. After a long and strenuous battle, Morris sealed away Dracula, only to find to his horror that his two friends had been killed in the battle. Taking their adolescent son Nathan, he began raising him alongside his own son Hugh Baldwin to become accomplished Vampire Hunters.

During training, Hugh bested Nathan at every challenge and contest the two had over the years. During the coming of age ceremony, Morris would decide which of his two apprentices would gain the Hunter's Whip, an enchanted whip with the power to repel evil; whoever received it would go on to become Morris' chief disciple. Hugh, confident that his father would pick him because of his immense strength and speed, was shocked when he bestowed the honor on Nathan instead. Jealous, he dejectedly took his place as the third wheel.

In-game interaction

Ten years later at an Austrian castle, a woman named Camilla managed to summon Dracula using an arcane ceremony. Morris, Nathan, and Hugh arrived to stop her, only to have Morris kidnapped and the two boys cast into an abyss. Determined to save his father, Hugh instructed Nathan to flee and leave Dracula to him. Nathan wanted to save his master as much as Hugh, though, and set out on his own.

Using the power of the Hunter Whip, Nathan advanced through the castle and met Hugh. After steadily gaining power, Nathan single-handedly saved Hugh's life multiple times and defeated many of the monsters in the castle. Near the end of his journey, Nathan was confronted with the horrible truth: Hugh had been manipulated by the dark forces into forsaking his father and siding with Dracula. After besting Hugh, Nathan confronted and defeated Dracula in time to save Morris.


  • Nathan's name is translated as "Nathan Grabes" in the Japanese Circle of the Moon instruction booklet.[1]


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