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New Castlevania game newsEdit

Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade newsEdit

Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade Game Coming to JapanEdit

  • Game will be a first person "whipping" game
  • Death is the first boss
  • Release date not known


Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia newsEdit

First Hands on Play, Pre-E3 (Jul 08)Edit


Officially Announced at Konami's Gamer Day (May 08)Edit

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Officially Announced on Famitsu Magazine (May 08)Edit

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Order of Ecclesia confirmed to be for DS (Apr 08)Edit

  • Order of Ecclesia given an ESRB rating of "T" for "Blood, Fantasy Violence" and will appear on the Nintendo DS.


Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Copyrighted (Apr 08)Edit

  • A new Castlevania game has been copyrighted titled "Order of Ecclesia"
  • Could be a sequel to the mobile game Order of Shadows, could be the Third Dual Screen Castlevania Game, or it could be anything else.
  • Logo style matches the leaked logo for the rumored DS game Stolen Seal, making it very likely that this is the third DS game in production

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Image From Game Leaked? (Jan 08)Edit

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Third DS Castlevania Confirmed to be 2D (2007)Edit

  • Next game for DS will be a new 2D game (not a port)
  • An announcement about this game will come in the near future.


Iga Hints at Third DS Castlevania Game (Sep 2007)Edit

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Castlevania Judgment NewsEdit

First Official Screenshots (Jul 08)Edit

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Konami Judgment Press Release (Jul 08)Edit

  • Developed by Koji Igarashi
  • Character design by manga artist Takeshi Obata
  • Released Fall 2008

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Castlevania Judgment to be a 3D Fighter for Wii (Jun 08)Edit

  • The game Castlevania Judgment will be a 3D fighter for the Wii
  • Playable characters confirmed include Dracula, Simon Belmont, Alucard, Maria, and Shanoa
  • Shanoa to be unlockable via interface with DS game Order of Ecclesia


Castlevania Judgment Trademarked (Apr 08)Edit

  • A game called "Castlevania Judgment" has been trademarked. The system is unknown, but if Order of Ecclesia is the next DS game, this game is likely to be for a next gen system.
  • Some speculation is that it would be for the Wii as their were leaked hints of Wii connectivity of Order of Ecclesia.


Iga Talks Wii Prospects (Feb 2007)Edit

  • A Wii Castlevania game is not out of the question
  • Iga does not believe that using the Wii-mote as a whip would work - your arm would get tired to quickly
  • Team has yet to find a gameplay mechanic on the Wii that "works"

article on Go Nintendo

Next-Gen Platformer Castlevania NewsEdit

X-Box 360 Most Likely Platform for Next-Gen Game (Sep 2007)Edit

  • The next console Castlevania game will probably be an X-Box 360 exclusive title
  • This game (or another Castlevania game) has a small chance of going to the PS3 if the Metal Gear game for the PS3 increases sales for PS3.
  • If sales for the Dracula X Chronicles are high, this game (or a future console game) might be a similar 2.5 D game.

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Castlevania: Order of Shadows NewsEdit

Review of Game (Sep 2007)Edit

Order of Shadows Announced (Aug 07)Edit

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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin NewsEdit

Prices Reduced in Europe (Apr 08)Edit

  • Konami will be reducing prices for a selection of Wii and DS titles in Europe at the end of April, including Portrait of Ruin.
  • The games will retail for €20 (£15, though most likely £20 in the UK).


Castlevania Remakes and Ports NewsEdit

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles NewsEdit

DXC Released in Europe Feb 15 (Feb 08)Edit

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IGA Signing Autographs (Sep 07)Edit

  • Igarashi will be appearing at the Universal City Walk EB Games on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007 to sign autographs and pose for pictures in promotion of the release of Dracula X Chronicles

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Playable Maria in SOTN (Aug 07)Edit

  • Maria confirmed as a playable character in the Symphony of the Night game.
  • Game will have all new Maria gameplay, not the same as the Saturn version.
  • Will have several animal attacks, including an owl (which can attack and enable her to reach additional areas), cat, tiger, and turtle.


Leipzig Games Convention (Aug 07)Edit

  • Iga to be present at the Leipzig Games Convention (August 23-26)

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Playable Demo at San Diego Comic Con 2007 (Aug 07)Edit

  • Key members of development team present
  • Playable Demo (or perhaps an early peak at the finished product) available

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Playable Demo at E3 (Jul 07)Edit

  • Konami's 2007/2008 line up announced at a press conference.
  • Sony's lineup announced at a press conference.
  • Playable demo available
  • Details that the voice acting of SOTN has been re-recorded was leaked
  • Description as follows:

This action game is set to be released in fall 2007 on the PSP. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles takes an entirely new look at the classic action game Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and brings the franchise to the PSP system for the first time – complete with 3D graphics, enhanced gameplay and new music. This is the first time Rondo of Blood has been released outside of Japan. The game also includes unlockable versions of the original Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night games, optimized for the PSP system with old-school side scrolling action.
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Sony Announces New PSP Model (Jul 07)Edit

  • Sony announces a new psp model that will be slimmer and 33% lighter
  • Will feature longer battery life and shorter load times
  • Can be hooked up to a television using a video out cable
  • Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles will then be playable on a television screen.
  • Bundle will be available for $199 that includes an ice silver PSP, 1 GB memory stick duo, Family Guy UMD, and the game Dexter

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IGA Comments on UMD (Jul 07)Edit

  • Iga comments that the UMD is slow, but that there are clever ways to get around that if you put work into it.

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Game Intro Released (Jun 07)Edit

  • Intro movie released, which features Shaft sacrificing a maiden with his dark followers to resurrect Dracula


Dracula X Chronicles Announced (Feb 07)Edit

Rondo of Blood Details'

  • Game updated to use 2.5D polygons
  • Gameplay and stages to be faithful to the original
  • Some new material to be added to the 2.5D version of Rondo
  • Full 3D cinema created for each boss
  • New character designs by Ayami Kojima
  • Music will be arranged by someone other than Michiru Yamane
  • Richter will more resemble his Symphony of the Night incarnation
  • Maria will look more like a noble 12 year old (her real age) instead of a chubby 8 year old.
  • One entirely new level
  • First level will play exactly the same as the originals. They will take more liberty with subsequent levels.
  • There will be some story updates.
  • Original Rondo of Blood will be an unlockable.
  • Early video footage from an early testbed available
  • Official Konami Teaser Trailer available [6]

Symphony of the Night Details

  • Game will be a near-direct port of PlayStation version.
  • Game will not get 2.5D polygon update
  • Will be reformatted for widescreen play
  • New voice-overs and translations for Symphony of the Night
  • Will contains some secret unannounced new material
  • Game will be an unlockable from the main Rondo of Blood title.

Article on Games are Fun's preview of the new game! Shacknews article on Go Nintendo

More Castlevania SOTN Coming? (Jan 07)Edit

  • In addition to the XBLA release of SOTN, there may be a new SOTN game in some form.
  • EGM has a small article titled "Second Symphony" which states "Check back here next issue to get the exclusive scoop on the next Castlevania installment. Trust us—if you're a fan of SOTN, you'll want to sink your fangs into this killer exclusive."

Article on Kotaku

Symphony of the Night XBox Live Arcade NewsEdit


  • Key feature that 2 modes of play, original and enhanced mode


SOTN Released for XBLAEdit

  • It was released 9am March 22nd
  • It costs 800 points

Total Gaming IGN Review

New Castlevania XBox Pics and ThemesEdit

  • New Castlevania Pick and Pack and Themes available to XBox owners on Marketplace March 21
  • SOTN Picture Pack available for 100 MS points - Contains 5 SOTN artworks
  • SOTN Character Themes available for 150 points. Features Ayami Kojima artwork inspired by SOTN
  • Two other Kojima desktop themes available


512 MB XBox 360 Memory Unit RevealedEdit

  • The release of SOTN on XBLA is a precursor to the new 512 MB memory card
  • This will allow the download of SOTN to machines that came without a hard drive


Castlevania Gets Unofficial Release DateEdit

  • Rumor is that it will be released Feb 10 2007, sooner than generally believed.
  • No price mentioned yet, should be 400 but could be 800 points
  • Game is larger than 50 MB, meaning it won't fit on a memory card which might not allow console owners without the hard-drive to be able to play it.
  • Development handled by Konami US

Article on XBoxic

Hands on Preview of XBLA SOTNEdit

  • Menu screens, frame, and achievements revealed.
  • Achievements include "get 200.6%", "beat the game as Richter", "defeat Dracula in openning scene without taking a hit"

Wired Blogs Article

Castlevania on PlayStation Network NewsEdit

PlayStation Store Available Through PCEdit

  • PlayStation Network games, including PS1 original games, are now available to PSP users without the need for a PS3.
  • The original Symphony of the Night is currently available
  • The first Castlevania Chronicles may become available soon.


Chronicles on PSNEdit

  • Rumor is that Castlevania Chronicles will be available on PSN
  • Entertainment Software Ratings Board gave a rating for the game and may have let slip its release
  • May be released to drum up hype for the release of The Dracula X Chronicles on PSP
  • Can be downloaded to the PSP for on the go play or played on the PS3

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Symphony of the Night Comes to PSNEdit

  • SOTN available on PSN
  • Can be downloaded to the PSP for on-the-go
  • Listing price is $9.99, which is higher than most PS games that are $5.99.
  • Price is about the same as the version available on XBox Live
  • Game will take up 356 Megabytes on a PS3 Hard Drive or PSP Memory Stick

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Castlevania Virtual Console NewsEdit

Rondo of Blood on Wii in JapanEdit

Simon's Quest Released in NA With Other Halloween GamesEdit

  • Simon's Quest released just before Halloween along with Samurai-Ghost and Magician Lord
  • 500 Wii Points

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Simon's Quest Released on Wii In Europe and AustraliaEdit

  • Simon's Quest is now available on Wii Virtual Console in Europe and Australia


Simon's Quest Coming to WiiEdit

  • The Entertainment Software Ratings Board issued a new rating for Simon's Quest on the Virtual Console.
  • Nothing else is known about this release.


NES Castlevania Release in the USEdit

  • Castlevania released in US. Cost is 500 points.

Blog Critic Kotaku

NES Castlevania Announced in USEdit

  • Cost will be 500 points


NES Castlevania Released in Europe and AustraliaEdit

  • NES Castlevania release for European and Australian Virtual Console March 23rd
  • Cost is 500 points


MSX Added to Japanese Virtual ConsoleEdit

  • The console that the game Vampire Killer was released on (MSX) was announced to be on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan.
  • No news on whether the console will be on the US Virtual Console
  • No news on whether Vampire Killer will be released on the Virtual Console
  • Neo-Geo also announced on Japanese Virtual Console

article on Gaming Target

NES Castlevania Coming to AustraliaEdit

Aussie Nintendo Article

Super Castlevania IV Released in North AmericaEdit

1up Article

Glu Mobile Castlevania Ports NewsEdit

Screen shotsEdit


Review of AoSEdit


Glu to Release Aria of Sorrow Mobile Q4 2008Edit

Into Mobile

Aria of Sorrow Coming to Mobile PhonesEdit

  • Port of the original GBA game coming to mobile phones
  • To be released in December

Games On Deck

Aria of Sorrow at Leipzig RumorEdit

  • A trailer for Aria of Sorrow will be shown at the Leipzig Convention
  • Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, the German equivalent of North America's ESRB, issued the ratings for the game.
  • It is not known why a trailer would be shown since the game had been out for three years in Germany.
  • Theories include it will be made for the PC or other platform, perhaps to be followed up by later titles.

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Konami Partners With GluEdit

  • Glu will partner with Konami for mobile phone games in Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia.
  • No word on how this will affect Castlevania games yet.

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Castlevania Cameo NewsEdit

Simon Belmont to be in Track and Field DS GameEdit

  • Simon Belmont (Chronicles Version) will appear in the New International Track and Field DS Game
  • Nindendic
  • CVG

Castlevania Fiction NewsEdit

Castlevania Motion Picture NewsEdit

Movie Back on Track, Heads in New DirectionEdit

Undated Movie Script RevealedEdit


Paul Anderson's Script ReviewedEdit

Castlevania Movie Plot RevealedEdit


Castlevania Movie to Start Filming Soon... In a HurryEdit


Iga Meets DirectorEdit

  • Iga meets director Sylvian White
  • Sylvian knows Castlevania well


New Writer for FilmEdit

  • A new writer has been assigned to the upcoming Castlevania Movie, indicating that Paul Anderson's original script is going to be completely re-written
  • Ian Jeffers is the new writer

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Several Dracula Related Movies Coming SoonEdit

  • In addition to Rogue's Castlevania adaption, other studios are developing competing Dracula movies
  • Alex Proyas is directing Universals "Dracula Year Zero", which look at Vlad's origins when he was at the height of his power.
  • Brad Caleb Kane is adapting bestseller "The Historian" for Sony's Red Wagon, a story about the search for Dracula's grave.

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New Director For MovieEdit

  • Paul Anderson (now working on Death Race and Spy Hunter) is confirmed to be no longer directing the film
  • Sylvian White will be the new director
  • White's previous movies include "Stomp the Yard" and "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer" and will also direct Frank Miller's Ronin.
  • Anderson and White will continue to work on the script together
  • Will shoot late fall in Romania and South Africa. It will be distributed in late 2008.
  • Story will begin as a Transylvania knight (Simon Belmont?) leads his men into a Gothic castle to seek refuge from the Turkish army. They soon discover it is being controlled by Dracula.
  • The Belmont clan "unleashes" Dracula and a generational conflict begins.

Variety Kotaku

Anderson New Director For Spy HunterEdit

  • Paul Anderson is replacing John Woo as director of the delayed Spy Hunter movie.
  • It is unknown if pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be featured in the new version of the movie.
  • It is unknown how this new job will affect Paul Anderson's work on Castlevania.


Rumor of Paul's Departure DiscreditedEdit

  • Rumor was caused because when it was heard that Paul Anderson was going to work on Death Race, some assumed this meant he would stop working on Castlevania
  • Paul plans to work on both projects.
  • Both movies are set up at Universal
  • They are attempting to resolve scheduling conflicts.


Paul Anderson Leaves Movie?Edit

  • Dread Central reports that Paul Anderson left scripting and directing of the Castlevania Movie
  • He will concentrate on Death Race 3000
  • Rogue Pictures produces the movie, co-financed by Crystal Sky Entertainment

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Castlevania Could be Filmed This FallEdit

  • Paul Anderson indicates that they are currently finalizing the budget for the Castlevania Picture
  • Shooting of the film will be in Transylvania and Hungary, locations not used frequently in Hollywood.
  • Shooting should be fall/winter of 2007.
  • Shooting in the winter so that there will be snow on the ground during forest scenes.
  • Shooting of interior castle scenes will be in Budapest.
  • Post-Production and effects work will be done in London.

IGN Article 411Mania article

Animated Castlevania NewsEdit

First Draft Excerpt ReleasedEdit

  • First actual script is released for the Dracula's Curse animation.
  • It consists of Trevor Belmont in a pub overhearing two patrons joking about bestiality.

Kotaku Blog

Warren Ellis ArticleEdit

Salt Lake City Weekly

Animated Blog CommentaryEdit

  • Will be an animated trilogy.
  • Grant Danasty will not appear in the first movie.
  • IGA has approved every detail including the back stories.


Captain N The Game Master—The Complete Series ReleasedEdit

animationmagazine article

Castlevania Animated Movie Production Blog Goes LiveEdit

411mania article

Curse of Darkness Manga NewsEdit

Anime News Network Zanpakuto

Castlevania Arts NewsEdit

Castlevania Sound Track NewsEdit

DXC OST ReviewEdit

Deal With Sony BMG For Online Distribution of Konami MusicEdit

  • Konami reaches a deal with Sony BMG for online distribution of its music
  • Music will be available for download through iTunes and Rhapsody
  • Konami will also make their catalog available on their web site.
  • It is assumed much Castlevania music will be available, but no word on which titles.

Joystiq Gay Gamer Kotaku

Official Portrait of Ruin Soundtrack AnnouncedEdit

  • 2 CD Set
  • Contains 74 tracks
  • Likely includes arrangements

Castlevania Dungeon Japanese Konami page

NECA Action FiguresEdit

Simon's Quest Simon Pixel Mini (Oct 07)Edit

  • An Pixel Mini Simon from Simon's Quest will come with Dracula X Chronicles pre-order


Series 1 Prices RevealedEdit

  • Figures will be available at in a bundle for $45.99
  • The Succubus is available separately for $12.99 and Dracula for $9.99.
  • Simon and Alucard will only be available in the bundle.


Images of Series 1 Final Version ReleasedEdit


First Set Unveiled at Comic Con 2007Edit

  • First set of four NECA action figures revealed at Comic Con 2007
  • The bare-breasted Succubus was "covered up".


Promotional ItemEdit

  • NECA offers the Pixel Simon Mini Figure as a promotional item at Comic Con 2007.
  • Limited to 1000 pieces
  • Based on the 8-bit Simon Belmont

Announcement Kotaku 2

Prototype Model Images AvailableEdit

Kotaku 2

NECA To Make Castlevania Movie FiguresEdit

  • NECA announces at the New York International Toy Fair that it has acquired the license to produce action figures based on the Castlevania Movie
  • The first series will be Simon Belmont, Alucard, Dracula, and Succubus
  • First set to be released in October 2007, currently in modeling phase
  • Other models coming out about the same time include figures from

Devil May Cry, Lost Boys (1987 vampire film), Pirates of the Caribbean, and Nightmare Before Christmas

  • This is the first confirmation that Alucard and a Succubus will be appearing in the film

ICV2 News Article News article


Tokyo Pop and Video Games Live Team UpEdit

Anime on DVT


  • Konami partners with Skinit to bring Konami related skins to various mobile devices
  • No Castlevania content available yet


Castlevania Team and Events NewsEdit

Iga "5 Questions" InterviewEdit

  • Iga asked "5" questions about Castlevania Facts and preferences
  • Which is the hottest Castlevania chic? Who is the person in this official Konami art and what is their gender? Which game would you least like to play through? How do you get to a certain place in Simon's Quest? "What is a man"?

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