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No Soul Mode is an alternate mode in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.


This mode is activated by entering NOSOUL as the name of a file after having finished a game file with a good ending. Like its name implies, it is a mode which restricts soul use. In this mode, only souls required for progression can be used. Other souls can still be collected from enemies and equipped, but their active effects cannot be activated and they will have no passive effects.

Usable souls[]

While progression through this mode is similar to a standard game file, being unable to use certain souls make it impossible to collect all items and souls, complete the bestiary, or explore the complete map.

The Forbidden Area can't be accessed by normal means in this mode. The three souls (Curly, Devil, Manticore) which are needed to go through the big waterfall can't be used, thus preventing the access to that part of the castle, making one soul (Mudman) as well as the items specifically found in this area (Eversing, Claimh Solais and Joyeuse) impossible to collect.

In addition, the Sky Fish soul can't be collected since Chronomage, which can't be used, is required. Iron Golem must be fought the hard way, without HP/MP swap, as it can't be used - making its soul pretty much impossible to collect. Since these souls aren't available, the Chaos Ring is not available as well.

Souls that can't be collected[]

Items that can't be collected[]

Boss Rush Mode can be entered from a file in No Soul Mode and is accessible after finishing the game with the good ending. A No Soul Mode file can also activate New Game + and Hard Mode if the conditions for these modes are met.