Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

For the second battle Legion will actually be in human form (somewhat) and will no longer be immobile. It's a good idea to use an Innocent Devil as bait for this battle. Set one of your battle-type Innocent Devil's to "Guard" and the boss will, most of the time, go after the Innocent Devil allowing you to attack him from behind. This boss has several attacks, most of which can be blocked. He will teleport around the room constantly. He teleports by jumping into lava and then rising out of the lava at another part of the room. The lava is blockable, but the irritating part about this move is the fact that it will sometimes catch you in the middle of an attack if you are not cautious while attacking him. If he jumps at any time, then get ready to guard or dodge.

His other moves are a blade strike (blockable), a grab in which his arm will stretch out toward you (this must be avoided by rolling), several punches (he usually chains about 4 punches together, they can be blocked) and a move in which he will summon a bunch of dead bodies and hurl them at you. When he summons the dead bodies, block the first set that he throws at you, roll and quickstep from the second set and, for the third set, block the first few bodies, then roll and quickstep to avoid the move completely. He also has a purple beam that must be avoided as well (roll or run...A LOT). If you have your battle-type Innocent Devil in guard mode, step into his shield and it will protect you from the entire beam attack. Hit him sparingly throughout the battle and watch for his attacks. The only time that you can usually get a full combo in safely is when he recovers from a physical attack (punch, blade strike).

Once he is down to his second bar, he will start to dig at the ground. Run up to him and combo the hell out of him while he searches through the floor. He will pull a dead body out of the ground and absorb it, causing him to grow to giant size. When he is like this, he will have very few attacks, but he can be extremely hard to hit without getting damaged. Each step he takes creates a shockwave on the ground (these can be blocked). When he jumps he will create a gigantic shockwave that will reach further than usual (jump to avoid it). Summon an Innocent Devil with a strong projectile move and have him fire upon the boss. Eventually he will shrink back down to normal size and the fight will continue as it was until you beat him.

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