SQ Oak Stake

Oak Stake from the Japanese Simon's Quest instruction booklet.

The Oak Stake is a weapon in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. The player will need it to collect Dracula's corpse at the mansions.


Available for purchase from an Oak Stake merchant hidden somewhere inside each of the five mansions. The Oak Stake is a one-time use weapon; it is thrown in a straight trajectory, similarly to the Dagger. Once it is used, it's gone forever and another must be purchased.

They are used to shatter the orbs containing the remains of Dracula, or thrown in a manner similar to the Dagger, only much slower. Any monsters in the stake's path will be killed on contact regardless of defensive strength.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Oak Stake
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
The Oak Stake Icon The Oak Stake (jpn) - Simon's Quest [edit]
You'll need the Oak Stake to collect Dracula's corpse at the mansions. Simon Belmont  Buy: 50 Hearts Find: Berkeley, Bodley, Brahm's, Laruba and Rover Mansions (...)


  • In vampire folklore, pounding an oak stake into a vampire's heart is said to be the quintessential method of killing one, thus this item's inclusion amidst other weapons and artifacts that can slay the undead. Strangely, though, the oak stake has no effect on Dracula during the final battle, it will simply fly through him harmlessly.
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