The Observation Tower is the second-to-last area in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It seems to be an observatory somehow connected to a theater. This area is the Castle Keep of the game, and it's also here where Nathan finally confronts Hugh.


This area is located above the Outer Wall and consists of 19 rooms (without considering the Warp Zone and the Save Point). Some of the most powerful enemies in the game inhabit it, including Legions, Minotaurs, Dark Armor, Demon Lords and even a Devil.

The main layout of this stage consists in a series of big vertical rooms with medium to small sized platforms placed high above, so the Roc Wing will prove to be very useful while traversing it. Most enemies will deal some kind of elemental attack (Fire, Ice, Wind, Darkness and Curse), and their attack patterns are sometimes difficult to evade.

Once Nathan arrives at the throne room, he finds Hugh already there, waiting for him. Hugh slashes with his sword at Nathan, who at that moment realizes he's really being controlled by Dracula. A battle ensues between both, with Nathan resulting the victor and Hugh regaining consciousness of his former self. He asks Nathan to hurry and rescue his father, ensuring him he will be okay. The Last Key may then be obtained from the next room. A full moon is just about to emerge and Nathan hurries to the Ceremonial Room to prevent the rite from taking place and stop Dracula once and for all.


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    The large room inhabited by Wind Armors, located at the lowest-rightmost part of the area, uses the main template from Outer Wall. This can be confirmed by using a cheat code in an emulator which will display the name of the area, or more precisely, how the program acknowledges the area as "Outer Wall" whenever the START menu or the area map is accessed.
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