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The Old Wizard is a character in Captain N: The Game Master. He is an old and wise sorcerer who helps Simon Belmont regain confidence on his family lineage. He appeared in the third season's episode "Return to Castlevania".


While visiting his great-grandfather Trevor Belmont's grave after being accused by the Poltergeist King (who was actually none other than The Count in disguise) that his lineage was nothing but a fraud, the Old Wizard suddenly manifested before Simon and dispelled these rumors, telling him that Trevor was a honorable man and that they actually fought together when they defeated The Count a hundred years ago.

Having the confidence on his ancestor renewed by these words, Simon, Kevin and the Old Wizard set on a journey to find the real Poltergeist King. Unfortunately, as he had a tough time remembering spells due to his old age, he accidentally teleported himself away while trying to cast a spell to save them from a trap.

He reappeared later at the second award ceremony, where he used a spell to end Simon's drawn-out acceptance speech.



  • The Old Wizard's character is probably inspired by Sypha Belnades' appearance in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, although he is never referred to as such. In contrast to the video game, he is male; this may be the result of the American instruction booklet for the game referring to Sypha as male (she is called the "Mystic Warlord of Warakiya").[1]

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