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"Little boy Belmont. I know that feeling. That pain, that hate, that burning, unendurable need for retribution. Because, you see, your mama took someone from me I loved, just as much as you loved her. So, she had to die."
— Olrox to young Richter in "A Common Enemy in Evil"

Olrox (オルロック Orurokku?) is a character in the Netflix original animated series, Castlevania: Nocturne. He is an ancient Aztec vampire who hails from American lands. He is sophisticated and elegant, but also very powerful and cunning. He exacted revenge against Julia Belmont, who killed his lover long ago. He travels to France after being summoned to attend the rise to power of the "Vampire Messiah", Countess Erzsebet Báthory.

He is voiced by Zahn McClarnon.


Olrox is an old Aztec vampire who presumably hails from a Mesoamerican region during the late 15th to early 16th century. After surviving the Aztec people's near annihilation by the invading Spanish conquistadors, he spent the next several centuries traveling and later. He fell in love with a Mohican man living in Britain's North American colonies. He therefore turned the young man into a vampire with the intention of being with him forever. Unfortunately, their planned eternal romance was not to be, as his lover was subsequently killed by Julia Belmont. Seeking revenge, he traveled to Boston, Massachusetts in the 1780s, in an attempt to track her down. One night in 1783, shortly after the conclusion of the American Revolution, he managed to find Julia at the docks while she was attempting to make her son, Richter, board a ship to take him to France, as she knew both their lives were in great danger. However, when Olrox appeared, she had no other option than to fight him. After a fierce battle, Olrox managed to defeat and kill Julia by transforming into a giant feathered serpent-like dragon, although he spared Richter, telling him that his mother had to die, but at the same time promising Richter he would also kill him one day, but not that night.

Years later, in 1792, Olrox traveled to France as well, summoned by the vampires in power of that region to attend the upcoming arrival and rise to power of Countess Erzsebet Báthory, queen of the vampires. He was welcomed by Comte Vaublanc, although Olrox respectfully declined his guide and decided to find his own way, staying at a local inn during his visit.

Making his presence public, but at the same time working in the shadows, Olrox started to investigate all the schemes and machinations behind Báthory's arrival. He discovered how the vampires had pacted an uneasy alliance with the Abbot of Machecoul, how the former were collecting fresh bodies for the priest to create an army of night creatures for them in exchange for more influence within the aristocracy, as well as the "infernal machine" the Abbot was using for this end. Olrox also made sure to get close to some of the more relevant power players of all the involved factions in this conflict, such as Báthory's servant, Drolta Tzuentes, the Abbot's loyal first guard, Mizrak, and even Richter and his allies.

Olrox engaged in an intimate relationship with Mizrak, presumably only to obtain firsthand information about the steps the Church was taking during this conflict. While at first he made it clear to him this was merely physical, over time he confessed to having developed true feelings for him; and at one point he even forcefully took him away from a battle in an attempt to secure his well-being.

Olrox came to knowledge of one of the night creatures allegedly having retained its past memories as a human, so he descended to the abbey's cellars to talk with it. During that same visit, he discovered and stole a spell book the Abbot used as a Forgemaster to gather souls from Hell and with them create night creatures through the infernal machine. At the same time, Richter and his allies were attempting to rescue the aforementioned sentient creature, who in reality was Edouard, Annette's best friend. However, the Abbot, Mizrak, Drolta and the Marquis had also descended to the cellars to inspect the creatures, and when both groups stumbled into each other, a fight ensued between them. Richter's side was gaining the upper hand, but at that moment, Olrox finally decided to make his presence known, and Richter, staring at the one who killed his mother all those years ago, panicked and ran away, leaving his friends behind, who luckily also managed to escape.

The night of Báthory's arrival finally came, and Olrox publicly swore his servitude to her, although not without showing evident discontent in doing so, which he discreetly kept to himself.

Olrox later gave the spell book he stole from the abbey to Richter and his allies at Tera's cottage, which would help them destroy the Abbot's infernal machine, although not without them trying to fight him first, since they were unaware of his intentions.

During the final battle at the abbey, Olrox observed from the shadows Richter and his team –which now included Mizrak– fight the vampires, and at one point, he even intervened to save the latter when he was getting overwhelmed by the enemies. Just when Mizrak was about to charge at Báthory alone, Olrox wrapped him in his mist form and flew him to safety to the nearby hills. Olrox attempted to restrain Mizrak, begging him not to go back or he would die. Mizrak asked Olrox to help him as he was a powerful vampire, but Olrox clarified he wasn't powerful enough to stop Báthory. Olrox then listened to Mizrak's rant at his cowardice, and in response, the vampire started to shed tears, stating he didn't want him to die. Despite this, Mizrak still went back to the abbey to rejoin the battle. Olrox was later seen on the same hill turning away and leaving.


Olrox is a tall, dark-skinned Aztec vampire, with long black hair and bright green eyes with slit pupils. He has sharp fangs and is always seen wearing his signature indigo or purple coat. His ears are pointed and always adorned with earrings. Sometimes, a tiny purple jewel can be seen in his hair, where the long black braid on the side of his head ends.


Olrox is a shrewd, intelligent, and rebellious man. Due to his people's subjugation at the hands of the conquistadors in his human life as an Aztec, he is utterly disillusioned with concepts like gods and royalty, refusing to bow to a declared superior unless given a strategic incentive to do so. He is a devoted lover as his late partner, a Mohican man, imparted on him his values and fought in the American revolution against the British Empire despite the Mohicans having been marginalized and systematically slaughtered by the growing United States of America in the country's early days.

Olrox is not above treachery, as he delivered Abbot Emmanuel's book to Richter and his allies, hellbent on seeing Erzsebet's cult fail in their endeavor to crush the Revolutionaries.

While he was initially inclined to deny it, he genuinely loves Mizrak, seeing in him a fiery and dedicated spirit of incredible integrity, and fearing that he would die fighting Erzsebet and her forces.

Olrox is haunted by what he witnessed in the genocide of his people, the Aztecs, at the hands of Spanish conquistadors, describing the process to Mizrak with heaviness and despair.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Vampire physiology: Olrox is an incredibly powerful vampire. He possesses many standard vampiric abilities, such as enhanced strength, speed, agility, durability, senses, and lifespan.
  • Magic: Aside from his vampiric abilities, Olrox also possesses dark magic.
    • Mist Form: Olrox can transform into mist at will, allowing him to become invisible, fly, and be intangible.
    • Shapeshifting: Olrox can shapeshift; his primary form being a huge feathered serpent-like dragon similar to the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl. While in this form, he can shoot lightning from his eyes and also has a sharp tail he uses to stab enemies.
    • Summoning: Olrox can summon five floating ghost skulls engulfed in blue flames.


  • Master martial artists and melee combatant: During his battle with Julia Belmont, Olrox can be seen employing a wide assortment of punches and kicks.
  • Weapon mastery: During his battle with Julia, Olrox can be seen proficiently wielding a dagger.


Season 1
1-01. A Common Enemy in Evil
1-02. Horror Beyond Nightmares
1-03. Freedom was Sweeter
1-04. Horrors Rising from the Earth
1-05. The Natural Order
1-06. Guilty Men to be Judged
1-07. Blood is the Only Way
1-08. Devourer of Light


  • "Don't listen to her, Richter. There's always a choice."
  • "Julia Belmont. Finally."
  • "Little boy Belmont. I know that feeling. That pain, that hate, that burning, unendurable need for retribution. Because, you see, your mama took someone from me I loved, just as much as you loved her. So, she had to die. Oh, I could kill you too. And I will one day. But not tonight." (to 10 year old Richter)
  • "I lived a long time as human and vampire. But I've only really loved once. He was from a little town in Massachusetts, if you've ever heard of that. Which in those days, was a colony. But he wasn't a colonist. He was proud to be Mohican, with roots deep in the land and forest. He burned with such passion. About the world, about how the people, "the people", that's how he talked, could win this thing called freedom. Even people like him. People whose land had been stolen, I mean. Like mine was, oh, so long ago. But he fought with them, the revolutionaries. He fought with them. He almost made me believe in it too. Then Julia Belmont killed him." (explaining to Mizrak why Richter was so afraid of him)
  • "I loved him and I wanted him to be by my side forever." (to Mizrak)
  • "Long ago, when I was still human, I watched men wade ashore from ships and slaughter my people. Slaughter them in their thousands, millions in the end. Who could've believed such a thing? They said they were doing it for their God. But in the end... there's only her." (When Erzsebet arrived to France)



Concept art[]



  • Olrox's physical appearance seems to be based on his voice actor, Zahn McClarnon.
  • Olrox's Aztec heritage and feathered serpent form are allusions to Quetzalcoatl, a deity or supernatural entity found in many Mesoamerican religions represented as a giant flying feathered serpent (closely related to the Mayan Kukulkan).
    • Some free roaming variants of the White Dragon –a recurring enemy in the Castlevania series– also reference Quetzalcoatl and are even named after him.
  • His dragon form apparently is the series particular portrayal of the original character's giant reptilian form from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • One of Olrox's characteristic spells involves him summoning five spirits to attack his enemies. He can cast this very same spell during his boss battle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, although he summons six skulls in that version instead.
    • The design of the skulls resemble the classic depictions of Ghosts from the Castlevania series, being floating skulls engulfed in magical flames.

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  1. Depends of his age as a human before being sired.
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