Oretachi Gēsen Zoku: Akumajō Dracula (オレたちゲーセン族 悪魔城ドラキュラ? lit. "We Are Arcade Gamers: Demon Castle Dracula") is a Sony PlayStation 2 port of Haunted Castle. It contains the game, the bonus DVD, soundtrack CD, instruction booklet, guide book, instruction card, and collection card. It was released on May 25th, 2006.

Soundtrack CD

This soundtrack contains the OST for Haunted Castle, plus two bonus tracks. It was directly recorded from the arcade game which explains why the sound is different from Konami Game Music Collection Vol. 1.

Track list

  1. Reviving Dracula (Title Demo)
  2. Credit
  3. Wedding March of Tragedy (Start Demo)
  4. Cross on the Breast (Graveyard BGM)
  5. Revival of the Devil (Boss BGM)
  6. Fight Again (Pattern Clear)
  7. Lullaby of the Devils (Cave BGM)
  8. No More Turning Back (Midway Demo)
  9. Bloody Tears (Inside the Castle (1F) BGM) ~ Strange Room
  10. Basement Melody (Inside the Castle (Underground) BGM)
  11. Clock Tower Fear (Clock Tower BGM)
  12. Can't Wait Until the Night (Bridge Stage BGM)
  13. Dracula's Room (Final Boss First Half)
  14. The Final Battle (Final Boss Second Half)
  15. Ending · Collapse of the Devil's Castle (Ending Demo)
  16. A Lullaby Sent to the Devils (Ranking)
  17. Never End (Game Over)
  18. Sound Effects (Bonus)
  19. Akumajo Dracula Super Sweep Mix (Bonus)

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