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Dialogue Data: Outer Wall
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(Play proceeds from the Marble Gallery)

Outer Wall (Lower)

Outer Wall (Lower)

Fidel and Reynolds encounter

Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody / Outer Wall (Lower) / Fidel and Reynolds encounter

When: After speaking with Fidel or Reynolds

Summary: While pursuing Thelma with Leah, Elvis finds Reynolds, who is talking to someone he does not know. This person is Fidel Belmont, who immediately senses his vampiric nature and demands to know who he is. Reynolds calms him down and assures him that he's a member of the Demon Hunter Guild on their side and introduces them. Fidel confirms that he is indeed of the legendary Belmont Clan, who has always fought Dracula, but this time, they intend to work with many fine hunters. Elvis discusses their pursuit of Thelma, who they believed had come this way, but they determined that she probably misdirected them and had instead taken a passage in the Marble Gallery that requires a magical key. They might find a key in the Library.

Translated - [transcript][video]:

Fidel: The breath of the Night Clan! Who are you?!

Reynolds: Put down your weapon first. Although he does have the blood of the Night Clan, he is also a member of the Demon Hunter Guild and is not an enemy.
Fidel: Seems to be a hybrid between humans and the Night Clan... I was rude, sorry.
Reynolds: Elvis, let me introduce - this is the hunter of the Belmont family, Fidel Belmont. Like our Demon Hunting Guild, he came here to defeat Dracula.
Elvis: it that legendary hunter family?
Fidel: Yes, although we have experienced some twists and turns, fighting Dracula has always been the mission of our family. This time, if we can cooperate with so many outstanding hunters, we will definitely win!
Elvis: We're tracking Dracula's henchman, a human alchemist named Thelma.
Fidel: Is she in this area? But - I didn't feel the breath of other strange humans in the Tower of Sinners.
Reynolds: The searching goblins found no trace of her.
Leah: Could it be that the monster leader who appeared in the corridors of the deserted city was trying to mislead us in this direction?
Reynolds: The corridors in the deserted city are very complicated, and I'm afraid it's impossible to determine which road she escaped from. Moreover, many passages in the corridor cannot be opened yet, and the "keys" to open these places must be found first.
Leah: Key?
Reynolds: Yes, that's a magic item that can open a passage. One piece of information stated that the keys were kept somewhere in the library. Climb the Tower of Sinners to find the entrance to the library.


External Video: YouTube (if spoken to later) (Chinese)

Reed and Grisa encounter

Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody / Outer Wall (Lower) / Reed and Grisa encounter

When: After speaking with Reed or Grisa

Summary: Elvis lets Reed and Grisa know about the key Reynolds told them about and they confirm that one can be found in the library, which can be reached easily enough after fighting through the monsters. However, there's a unusual ghost sitting by its door. It didn't seem to have been driven mad by the castle's influence like other Ghosts, but they weren't sure what to make of it, so they left it alone for now. Elvis decides to meet this ghost.

Translated - [transcript][video]:

(You relay Reynolds' word to them)

Reed: There is a key that can open the passage in the library, so I can only go there to look for it first.
Grisa: The door to the library is right above. It's not difficult for you to fight off the monsters and climb up the tower. But - there's a strange ghost at the library door...
Elvis: Ghost? Generally speaking, the ghosts in Castlevania are affected by dark magic and become violent after losing self-awareness. Didn't you fight it off?
Reed: No, this ghost felt different, it was quiet, and we didn't approach it rashly.
Grisa: The way I see it, whatever the heck it is, there's nothing but monsters in this castle.
Elvis: Let me first meet this "ghost".


External Video: YouTube (Chinese)

Dean encounter

Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody / Outer Wall (Lower) / Dean encounter

When: After speaking with Dean

Summary: Elvis and his companions arrive at the door to the library, where the ghost Dean has been waiting for them. They try to find out why hasn't been driven mad, and he says he's just a normal ghost. But he was once a human who served Death and conducted monster experiments for him. He eventually regretted this and as punishment, his soul was trapped inside the castle. He now wants to help them stop the alchemist Thelma, his old companion. They're a little wary of him, but decide to trust him for now. He lets them know that a mysterious merchant in the Library has the key they are looking for, who has a weakness for money. He'll then wait for them at the Underground Caverns, where he believe Thelma is hiding out at.

Translated - [transcript][video]:

Dean: Hunters, I've been waiting for you here for a long time.

(You can reply "Who are you?" or "Why can you still stay sane?"
Dean (after "Who are you?" is chosen): As you can see, I'm just a ghost.
Elvis: It is impossible for ordinary ghosts to remain sane in Castlevania, they will only turn into crazy monsters.
Dean: I was once a misguided human named Dean. I came to Castlevania with my companions, became a subordinate of Death, and conducted monster experiments for him... When I regretted it, it was too late. I couldn't escape. As punishment, my soul was trapped inside this castle forever.
Elvis: What are you doing here?
Dean: I know you are looking for Thelma the Alchemist, and I know where she is and I can help you.
Elvis: What about you, what is your purpose?
Dean: ...Defeating her is my goal.
(You can choose "believe him" or "don't believe him")
Elvis (afther "believe him" is chosen): I'll take your word for the moment. Where is she?
Dean: She usually hides in underground waterways and raises some monsters. But if you want to enter the underground waterway, you must first open the corresponding channel.
Elvis: The "key" to the passage is in the library?
Dean: Yes, your information is correct, these keys are in the hands of a strange merchant, and his weakness is "Money 29."
Elvis: I see.
Dean: I will wait for your arrival in the underground veins.
(If you speak to him later)
Dean: Endless wandering...


External Video: YouTube (if spoken to later) (Chinese)
(Play proceeds to the Library)

Other text[]

Lower Level[]

Type Translated Text Original Chinese Text
Stage Description Sinner's Tower Lower Level: Standing on the edge of the cliff, the high tower looks out over an endless abyss. The ancient lift creaks, and you must climb up using your feet. Please be careful of your footing. 伫立在悬崖边的高塔,向外是无尽的深渊,古老的升降梯吱吱作响,靠着双脚向上爬,请务必小心脚下。