Pierre Belmont is the grandfather of Simon Belmont.[1] He appears as a guest character in an issue of the comic Ganbare Goemon: Chapter Hell (がんばれゴエモン ~地獄編~ Ganbare Goemon: Jigoku Hen?) published by Kodansha in 1993.


Pierre somehow entered Hell after death. He was imprisoned until he was freed by Goemon and Ebisumaru, the protagonists of the series. He helped the two to defeat many enemies, although he was ultimately left in the underworld.


  • Pierre Belmont is not a canonical character in the Castlevania series.



  • The name "Pierre", meaning "stone", is a French equivalence to "Peter", which is related to the name "Simon".
  • He put his own urine inside a container of Holy Water, which proved to be quite efficient.

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