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"The horde's been seen, sweeping the west!"
— Piter informing Bosha in "Witchbottle"

Piter (ピーター Pītā?, lit. "Peter") is a minor character in the Castlevania animated series. He is a villager from the town of Murdenu.


Piter is first seen entering a tavern in a rush in the impoverished town of Murdenu, quickly shutting the door behind him as if to keep whatever has been chasing him from entering. He barely manages to make a bit of sense, telling the other patrons they must flee as soon as possible, as the city of Targoviste has just been attacked by Dracula's forces and now they are heading toward the nearby city of Gresit. The three men at the bar, Bosha, his half-brother Kob and the innkeeper, try to calm him down. Piter approaches the bar and empties a full mug of ale into his mouth, trying to recover his breath.

Instead of fleeing, as Piter proposed, the four men start talking about the poor conditions they live in due to the old noble families having seized all riches in the land to secure their power, blaming the Belmont Family in particular and accusing them on delving in the black arts.

A drunken man then stands up from his table and approaches the bar to ask for one last mug of ale. However, Bosha notices the family crest on his shirt and reprimands him. Left with no other option, the man confesses to be Trevor Belmont, the last of his family, and then a brawl ensues, which Piter quickly joins in without hesitation. However, even the four of them are unable to subdue the man and each takes a hard beating instead.

Appearance and personality[]

Piter has light brown and thin hair. Perhaps his most remarkable physical trait is his thin complexion, which as a result, gives him the impression of having a disproportionately big head. His facial expression is also a bit unorthodox, having a pronounced upper bite, bad dentures, and very round eyes that frequently seem to pop out of their eye sockets. All these traits in conjunction could probably result from malnutrition and maybe even inbreeding practices resulting from the impoverished and uneducated conditions that reign in his living environment, although this is mere speculation.

He is also shown to be quite temperamental, and even with all of his physical disadvantages, he won't avoid joining a good fight.


Season 1
1-01. Witchbottle
1-02. Necropolis
1-03. Labyrinth
1-04. Monument


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