The Poison Armor is an enemy in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


The Poison Armor's attack pattern is the same as the other elemental armors. He paces forward four steps, then raises his sword and expels a cloud of violet gas which damages and poisons Nathan on contact. The gas remains for a few seconds, moving slowly in Nathan's direction.

The cloud of gas, however, is not dangerous but until it reaches its initial projected distance, which means Nathan can stand in front of a Poison Armor while it attacks and remain unharmed even if the cloud travels through his body and materializes behind him (one must be wary of the sword, though).

Enemy Data

Poison Armor ポイズンアーマー 260/380 822/3,600
ATK DEF Location
382/680 310/634 Audience Room, Underground Gallery, Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
Antidote (5%) Rainbow Robe (0.5%)
Resistance Poison
Note: Second stat listed is when encountered in the Battle Arena.

Item Data

Item Data: Poison Armor
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Antidote Icon Antidote (Cure Poison) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
Cure poison status. Recovery Item (Cure)
Drop: Killer Bee, King Moth, Slime, Poison Armor, Poison Worm
Rainbow Robe Icon Rainbow Robe (Robe of Many Colors) - Circle of the Moon [edit]
A colorful robe Body (Robe)
DEF +140; INT +250; LCK +15
Drop: Ice Demon, Forest Armor, Poison Armor

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