Premonition is a music theme featured in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It is played during cutscenes where Soma Cruz interacts with Graham Jones, Yoko Belnades and J, respectively, while navigating his way through Dracula's Castle.



  • A premonition is defined as a feeling of excitement or uneasiness over one or more certain events that are yet to come. In other words, it is another way to address an omen or foreshadowing. Since the individuals that Soma encounters each play vital roles in his quest, either as guides or obstacles, the definition is not quite far-fetched.
  • The following examples of foreshadowing in Aria of Sorrow emphasize the titular song's definition:
    • When Soma first encounters Graham, he comes off as warm and friendly up to the point where he has no qualms in disclosing key information about Dracula, his castle, and the prophecies involved. His status as a missionary implies that he came to the castle for a sinister reason.
    • Yoko encourages Soma to be his own person and to stay strong regardless of his dark gift. She also did not hesitate to forewarn him about Graham's true intentions, which he did not deny but was skeptical for some time.
    • J reveals that he got into an accident in 1999 with Dracula somehow involved that resulted in severe amnesia. His status as an exorcist of sorts and his ability to sense Soma's dark gift is a subtle foreshadowing of the former's true identity.


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