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A Priest (Chinese 神父, Shén fù) is a character in Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody. He is one of several villagers captured to be offered as a sacrifice to Dracula. He knew their captor, a fallen priest named Gary, and tells Elvis and his allies about him and his plans when they found him. He asks them to stop him while he prays for everyone's souls. He also asked them to help destroy the blasphemous Book of Darkness in the Royal Chapel. He appears similar to the Monk, but has brown robes.


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Summary: Elvis, Fidel, and Leah find a priest in the chapel and encourage him to find safety with the Demon Hunter Guild. He tells them that a fallen priest Gary had captured several Villagers to be offered as sacrifices to strengthen demons and begs them to stop him.

Translated - [transcript][video]:

Priest: May the Lord bless their souls.

Elvis: Father, it's very dangerous here. Please leave with the people from the Demon Hunting Guild.
Priest: Regarding the dark magic ritual, I have something to tell you. That fallen one, I know him... He used to be a priest like me, named Gary.
Leah: So, he was also human...
Priest: I don't know what happened, he suddenly fell into madness, he claimed he had received the true "guidance". After that, he captured many people in the sanctuary and brought them here as "sacrifices".
Fidel: ...Unforgivable, using dark magic as a human to offer power to demons.
Priest: Please stop those blasphemous prayers, I will pray for everyone, may the Lord save our souls.


External Video: YouTube (Chinese) (Chinese)

Original Chinese - [transcript]:

神父: 愿主保佑他们的灵魂。

艾维斯: 神父,这里很危险,请随猎魔公会的人离开。
神父: 关于黑魔法的仪式,我有些事情要告诉你们。那个堕落者,我认识他……他曾经与我一样是一名神父,名叫加里。
莉娅: 原来,那也是人类……
神父: 我不知道发生了什么,他突然陷入了疯狂,他宣称自己得到了真正的“引导”。
神父: 之后,他在圣堂里抓了许多人,带到这里作为“祭品”。
菲德尔: ……不可饶恕,作为人类却利用黑魔法为恶魔献上力量。
神父: 请段掉那些亵渎的祷告词,我会为众人祈祷,请主拯救我们的灵魂。



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