Each playable character in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate has a different Primary Weapon, all of which are some sort of Whip. These are their main weapons and can perform a wide variety of attacks. They may also grant their wielder special Skills.

Item Data

Item Data: Primary Weapons
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Beast Hunter Icon.png Beast Hunter - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Simon's whip, Crafted using wild animal skins lashed with metal studding, the whip can be used to damage and kill enemies. It is flexible and hard enough to crack armor, strangle, and shred exposed limbs. (...) Primary Weapon
Find: (start with)
Combat Cross Icon.png Combat Cross - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Simon's Combat Cross can tear the body and armor off any creature and gives Simon grip ability against enemies. (...) Primary Weapon
Find: Library
Special: It can also be used to access difficult to reach places of the castle.
Dark Pain Icon.png Dark Pain - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Alucard's dark and malicious combat cross crafted by the Toy Maker and given to him by the Lost Soul.

The dark version of the Combat Cross used by the Brotherhood elite, created by the Toy Maker, brightest upil of Gandolfi. This parody is the result of decades of research with a metal extracted directly from the Shadow Plane. The weapon is extremely hard and perversely sharp and its full power is awakened only when wielded by a creature of the night.

Primary Weapon
Find: (start with)
Improved Combat Cross Icon.png Improved Combat Cross - Mirror of Fate [edit]
Forged long ago by Rinaldo Gandolfi, it is actually a copy of the true 'Vampire Killer' with which Gabriel defeated the Lords of Shadow and which now lies destroyed in the Shadow Plane. It is the ideal tool executing brutal attacks without sacrificing the style and precision only Trevor is capable of delivering. Thanks to a new retractable spur on the tip, it can now be used to break open some stone doors. Primary Weapon
Special: This weapon will also allow the use of the electromagnetic rails.
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