The Prison of Eternal Torture (永久拷問牢獄 –The torture cell (unlimited)– Eikyū Gōmon Rōgoku?, lit. "The Everlasting Torture Prison") is an optional area in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. This area is connected to the Castle Entrance; the door that leads to it is located in the Warp Room, opposite to where the rest of the portals are.


A pair of demon-shaped sconces serve as a last warning for those who dare venture inside. The path that leads to the entrance of this area is conformed by a very long spiral staircase that descends deep into the earth. Light gets dimmer as the safety provided by the surface world lies more and more distant with each step taken.

After a long journey down through the staircase, one finally arrives to the base: a darkened chamber filled with rust in every corner and with giant bloodstains covering the floor. A final Save Room can be found in this place, as well as a mysterious door on the opposite wall. If Leon carries the Unlock Jewel with him, this will react to the powers beyond the door, allowing him access. Beyond lies another equally large staircase where the prison is properly entered. Screams and laments can be heard through the walls as one keeps descending down below. The force emanated from the roars of an unknown being makes even the solid walls of this place tremble.

A final door lies before Leon. Gathering all his strength and courage, he opens it with determination. Before him appears the Forgotten One, a gigantic monster created by the hands of men and who was imprisoned in this God-forsaken place since times long forgotten; left here, alone and neglected for committing the sin of almost destroying the world. He is bound by giant shackles and chains, as well as by giant meat hooks that pierce through his flesh in various parts of his body, which keep him eternally suspended in the air.

His prison is a giant vertical room with equally giant spikes protruding from the walls. A central elevating platform is used for transportation along the tower-like structure. Rust and bloodstains are scattered everywhere, providing a depressing atmosphere, while the foul stench of rotten meat fills the air. Maggots prevail in this putrid environment, feasting on the foe's corrupted entrails while blood flows down the walls.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Prison of Eternal Torture
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
068 68. Maggot  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
A maggot that devours Forgotten Ones. Strong: Crystal
Weak: Fire, Holy Water
HP: 45
Prison of Eternal Torture
Forgottenone 79. Forgotten One  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
A man-made monster, eternally sealed away due to an enormous uncontrollable power. Strong: Fire, Thunder, Cross
Weak: Ice
HP: 4,800 (x3)
Drop: Black Orb
Prison of Eternal Torture


Prison of Eternal Torture


  • It is the only area in the game that doesn't have a map of its own.

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