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Pumpkin-Type Innocent Devils are an optional type of Devils Hector can forge in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. They play no role in the plot whatsoever and are not needed to complete the game.


Considered to be the least useful Innocent Devils, they are among the weakest with the fairies. They only have one ability, Pose, which inflicts minimum damage to nearby enemies, although Pumpkin will be completely vulnerable while performing it. However, they give a large boost to all stats, making Hector very strong. Due to their low health, they often die in a few hits.

Evolving a Pumpkin-Type Devil sometimes requires special weapons, but the evolutions are purely cosmetic.

All Pumpkins share the same stat growth per level, gaining +1 to Hearts, Attack, Magic, Defense and Agility.[1]

Innocent Devil Data

Image Name Description Abilities Evolves from Evolves to
Level 1 (Start)
Pumpkin Transparent.png
It's me, Pumpkin! Thanks for the invite! I'll do my best to help you out! Pose N/A (starter) Queen (70 Yellow)
Bloody (70 Blue)
Tiny King (70 Red)
Clown Nose (70 White)
New Deli (70 Green)
Level 2
Queen Transparent.PNG
It's me, Pumpkin! I was aiming for a more grown-up feel, but I'm only a kid and not sure what that is! Pose Pumpkin N/A (Final)
Bloody Transparent.png
It's me, Pumpkin! Don't worry, I'm not injured. This is all fake blood. Pose Pumpkin Cursed Pumpkin (100 using Death's Scythe)
Tiny King Transparent.png
Tiny King
It's me, Pumpkin! My horse, my horse, my tiny kingdom for a horse... no, that's not right... Pose Pumpkin Whimsical Angel (100 using Short Sword)
Clown Nose Transparent.png
Clown Nose
It's me, Pumpkin! I wanted to be a clown, but could only find this nose. Still, pretty cool, isn't it? Pose Pumpkin Genius Chef (100 using Frying Pan)
New Deli Transparent.PNG
New Deli
It's me, Pumpkin! I've recently become addicted to spices. But I still hate spicy hot food. Pose Pumpkin N/A (Final)
Level 3 (Final)
Cursed Pumpkin Transparent.PNG
Cursed Pumpkin
It's me, Pumpkin! This costume, when I've finally got it all on, just makes me wanna be bad! Pose Bloody N/A (Final)
Whimsical Angel Transparent.PNG
Whimsical Angel
It's me, Pumpkin! I'm being as good as an angel. So go on, buy me a new toy. Please, please, please! Pose Tiny King N/A (Final)
Genius Chef Transparent.PNG
Genius Chef
It's me, Pumpkin! Actually, I'm a genius in the kitchen. Pumpkin pie is my specialty. I'm starving! Pose Clown Nose N/A (Final)


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  2. "A very rare weapon said to have the power to resurrect a legendary hero." - Pumpkin Mace description.
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