Quincy Morris is a mentioned character in Castlevania: Bloodlines. He was the father of John Morris and grandfather of Jonathan Morris.

In 1897, Quincy successfully killed Count Dracula, although he was fatally wounded in the battle.


In 1897 Quincy Morris, a descendant of the House of Belmont, overcame great odds to defeat Dracula and send him to his eternal grave. Unfortunately since Quincy was so badly beaten in his battle with the Count, he lost his own life after plunging a wooden stake into Dracula's chest.
Quincy's legacy has continued, however. His son—John Morris—and John's childhood friend Eric Lecarde had witnessed the Quincy/Dracula showdown from the shadows. That scene changed their lives forever—as they grew older they swore to rid the planet of the evil creatures of the underworld.[1]

Differences from the novel

Rather than an original character, Quincy Morris is based on Quincey Morris (spelled with a middle "e"), a character from Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, Dracula. Quincey hailed from Texas and was one of Lucy Westenra's suitors. He helped fight Count Dracula after her vampirization and death, although he also died in the struggle, having been stabbed by one of Dracula's gypsy servants.

In the Castlevania series, Quincy is a relative of the Belmonts through the Morris Clan. The game's account of the events in the novel differs from it in many regards, further indicating the events on the series are only inspired by the novel and not perfect transpositions. These differences include:

  • In the novel, Quincey plunges his bowie knife through Dracula's heart, while in the series, he plunges a wooden stake.
  • Early sketches by Bram Stoker imply the novel's events taking place at most in 1893, while in the series, they happen in 1897 (it was the novel itself which was published in 1897).
  • In the novel, Dracula wishes to relive war times via vampirization of humans, while in the series his goal is the extinction of mankind.
  • Quincy has a son in the series, something nonexistent in the novel.



  • Quincy Morris is referred to as "Kincy Morris" in the Castlevania: The New Generation (the European release of Castlevania: Bloodlines) instruction booklet.

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