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The Reaper is an enemy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. They resemble the common perception of Death. They often spawn in groups and can be spawned by the second Necromancer. They are encountered in the Necromancer's Abyss.


Only powerful sorcerers can summon and control these dangerous spirits. The Reapers are a corporeal manifestation of Death itself, their aspect depends on the beliefs of those who confront them, but most people perceive the Reapers as skeletal figures with long tunics, wielding large scythes.


Reapers spawn in groups (of four or more). They are fairly weak, as far as the amount of damage they can receive; however, their danger comes from their devastating attacks. One hit from a Reaper can take off a sizeable chunk of health. It's best to take them out quickly, and if there is room, fight them from a distance; do not let them get close.

Necromancer's Abyss TrialEdit

Finish the level after destroying 60 Reapers.

Enemy DataEdit

Reaper (Lords of Shadow) - 01
Name Size Difficulty Chapter
Reaper Medium Medium Chapter 11: Necromancer's Abyss
Chapter 12: The Final Fight (magic-specific version)
Silver Dagger Explosive Dagger Holy Water Flasks Divine Shield
Strong - Weak Weak
Fairy Light Fairy Dark Crystal
Strong - Weak
"Only powerful sorcerers can summon and control these dangerous spirits.(...)"


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