Reginar de Camp was a member of the Brotherhood of Light who fought and died during the siege of Dracula's Castle. According to various Soldiers' Diaries and City Memorials, de Camp was killed in the City of the Damned while engaging several Harpies of the Depth in combat. Evidently, his example pushed his Brotherhood comrades to eventually wipe out the Harpies as a species.


Reginar de Camp, the Harpy Killer

My name is Reginar de Camp and, although my life is about to end, my words could still offer knowledge and value to those who read them carefully enough. I am writing with my own blood because the merciless winged women have wounded me seriously. Brandished adeptly, the blade of my sword pierced their flesh repeatedly. However, lacking the skill necessary to fight them in the air, I was only able to cause them great pain and force them to flee. I am aware that no combat instruction includes this type of training, but I am convinced that anyone who can bring them to ground will enjoy a more complete victory than mine. I conclude this scroll full of pride in the knowledge that my life had the honor of serving this noble cause. God will reward my loyalty with an eternal stay in His paradise.

Thanks to Reginar de Camp

Reginar de Camp fought and dies with honor on this very spot. The detailed stories of his fight against the castle harpies served to inspire warriors who, after him, defeated those horrible winged monsters. His contributions to the technique of aerial combat were key to the final victory over the forces of Darkness. Thanks to Reginar de Camp, today the Harpies are no more than a distant memory that will never return.


  • de Camp's improvements to aerial combat helped the Brotherhood overcome Dracula's forces.
  • Although he never killed one himself, de Camp's example eventually led to the extinction of the Harpies.
  • Reginar de Camp's grave is marked by a city memorial on a broken bridge next to Zobek's Emporium in Castlevania City.
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