For the canceled Dreamcast game, see Castlevania: Resurrection.

Promotional art for Resurrection.

Resurrection is the second and last DLC pack for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It was announced by Konami in December 2010 and was released on June 7, 2011 on Xbox Live Arcade, and June 21, 2011 on PlayStation Network. It was preceded by Reverie in March.

Resurrection has not been scheduled for a Japanese release.

Official synopsisEdit

"Fans of the series can download the second DLC entitled 'Resurrection', which continues the story directly after the end of the game and gives some insight into the dramatic epilogue seen by players upon completion of the game, and Gabriel's ultimate destiny. This will be larger in scope than the first add-on, as it features a final showdown with a very notorious enemy."
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Press Releases - 12/22/10 DLC Detailed


The "notorious enemy" Gabriel will be facing is the Forgotten One.

Resurrection consists of chapter XIV which has two levels, the first one being the Dimensional Prison and the last one being The Underworld.

Dimensional PrisonEdit

Upon entering the Dimensional Rift, Gabriel falls down to his knees, apparently feeling pain caused by the presence of the Forgotten One, or due to his recent transformation into a creature of the night.

After facing an assault from multiple Swordmasters and Reapers, Gabriel reaches a circular pool of Lava and suddenly feels the same pain again when he entered the Prison. Shortly after that, a giant armored hand comes out of the Lava and Gabriel hides behind a rock, while the Forgotten One emerges and starts to climb up the tower-like cave.

Gabriel slowly follows the Forgotten One while avoiding the gaze of him (who instantly kills him with a powerful blast out of his hand if seen), and is also in hurry because the Lava starts to rise.

On the highest height of the cave, the Forgotten One unleashes his energy beam upon the first Prison Seal, which is slowly destroying and thus opening the Seal. The release of the energy beam apparently costs the Forgotten One some power, as he falls down to his knees. Gabriel makes use of this, immediately charging towards the Forgotten One in an in-game cutscene and - in the second attempt, as the first attempts ends up being grabbed and thrown away by him - successfully destroys the armor on the Forgotten One's right leg, exposing the black and green-glowing flesh.

The Forgotten One expresses his surprise, wondering that a human entered this realm and his soul is unusual. The little dialogue is ended by Gabriel with the famous words: "Enough talk! Have at you!"

After a fierce battle and with more armor partially destroyed, the Prison Seal is broken and the energy returns to the Forgotten One, giving a white-glowing aura to him. He states that Gabriel is a worthy rival but nonetheless he will not prevail here. Gabriel counters that he is bored by the idle boasts from the Forgotten One, which answers that they will be the last thing that Gabriel will ever hear.

The Forgotten One prepares to continue his escape from the Prison by walking towards the destroyed Seal, but not before saying to Gabriel: "Better kill yourself now, by your own hand. I promise you will never find peace, in Light nor Darkness."

The UnderworldEdit

The Forgotten One is walking in a molten lava, while Gabriel must perform some platforming on rocks, which are emerging from the lava in regular intervals. Again, he must stay out of sight from the Forgotten One to avoid being blasted. They finally reach a massive door within the lava and Gabriel jumps on a pillar of rock, which the Forgotten One picks up to destroy the door. While he is destroying the gate, Gabriel must keep his hold on the pillar to avoid being shaken off and thrown into the lava.

After the gate is destroyed, the Forgotten One throws the pillar in the lava, not knowing that Gabriel was on it, and walks away. Gabriel stays on the pillar until there is a cave in front of him, where he jumps in. He is then confronted by multiple Flaming Skeletons, as the whole ground is covered with bones. After finishing the Skeletons - or simply jumping away from them, avoiding them - he enters a huge area with flying rocks.

On the middle on a platform, he finds the Forgotten One which is again releasing his energy blast on the Final Prison Seal. They engage in combat, which is a long fight consisting of three rounds.

In the last round, Gabriel manages to break the armor on the very face of the Forgotten One, exposing the right side of his face. After some blows, the face is almost ripped off and the fight is over, resulting in the final animated cutscene.

The Forgotten One taunts Gabriel, stating that the last Seal is now broken and that he will now enter the real world, inflicting ten times the pain the Brotherhood inflicted to the Forgotten One. He lets Gabriel live to let him witness his failure, and prepares to absorb the dark energy floating to him from the portal.

Gabriel then jumps in the air, using the Seraph Shoulders to quickly fly against the dark energy, trying to touch it before the Forgotten One manages to.

He succeeds in it and is covered in the energy, turning his hair white, and the Forgotten One yells in anger and tries to crush Gabriel. But shortly before his giant fist hits him, Gabriel teleports to safety and floats in the air. The Forgotten One then yields and asks for mercy, calling Gabriel his liege. Without an answer, Gabriel uses some unknown magic to cut the Forgotten One in a half, vaporizing him.

Gabriel, on the ground again, looks at the Vampire Killer and then breaks it apart only using one hand. He then leaves the Underworld.


  • A scroll can be found in the second level. It deals with 'the Beast of Aargh', a reference to the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie.
  • The Forgotten One is a very tough boss and is considered by many a more difficult fight than Satan or any other boss in the main game. The difficulty quickly rises when you have to jump in the air to hit his vulnerable parts like his shoulder and his head. He has many powerful attacks, all of which are unblockable.
  • Just before his first battle with the Forgotten One, Gabriel defiantly shouts "Enough talk--have at you!". This is a nod to the opening scene of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Before his battle with Richter Belmont begins, Dracula says the classic line: "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!" This is further reinforced by the fact that Gabriel will become Dracula in the future. This line may again be a nod to a scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail in which the Black Knight shouts at King Arthur "Have at you!".


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