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A Retro Axe (abbreviated as R. Axe) is the original form the Axe sub-weapon took in the original NES version of Castlevania. It was tossed in an arc pattern. The form of the Axe changed in later games, but the original version returned in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. It returned again years later in the Origins downloadable content for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair as the "Retro Axe". An NFT was minted for the Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFT that showcased this weapon's effectiveness against the Phantom Bat in the original Castlevania.

Game specific information[]

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair[]

The Retro Axe can be purchased for $120,000 and can be used by Jonathan Morris and any of the Belmonts. Instead of getting larger and stronger when it leveled up like the standard Axe sub-weapon in this game does, as the Retro Axe it levels up, more axes are thrown simultaneously, up to three. This is possibly in homage to the Double and Triple Shot power up in the original Castlevania. Soma Cruz can utilize the same weapon by obtaining R. Axe-Man souls, which can level up in the same manner by obtaining more souls.

Item Data[]

Item Data: Retro Axe
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Axe NES Icon Axe (jpn) - Castlevania
  Weapon (Sub-Weapon) - Simon Belmont
Power: Slow but powerful attack weapon Consume: 1 Heart
Effect: Arc Throw
Evolve: Can be powered up with a Double or Triple Shot
Axe NES Icon Axe (jpn) - Dracula's Curse
  Warakiya War Items - Grant
The axe is a very powerful weapon that can be used if Grant is lucky enough to find it. Consume: 1 Heart
Find: Candle
Drop: Any enemy
Effect: Arc Throw, Clinging Arc Throw (NES exclusive while climbing ceiling)
Evolve: Can be powered up with a Double Shot, but not a Triple Shot
Axe NES Icon R. Axe (L. Axe) - Harmony of Despair
  Sub-Weapon - Jonathan, Julius, Richter, Simon
An axe used by an ancient vampire hunter. Attrib: Slash
Consume: 10 MP
ATK +10
Sell: $30,000
Rarity: ***
Buy: $120,000
Effect: Arc Throw
Evolve: Stronger with each Lv.; Double Axe at Lv. 5, Triple Axe at Lv. 9
Bullet Soul HD Icon R. Axe-Man - Harmony of Despair
  Bullet Soul - Soma
Throw axes. Attrib: Slash
Consume: 12 MP
ATK +10
Rarity: ***
Steal: R. Axe-Man (5.5%)
First Obtained: Chapter 10
Effect: Retro Axe Arc Throw
Evolve: Stronger with each soul; Double Axe at 5 Souls, Triple Axe at 9 Souls





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