The Riot Police are a heavily armed modern security task force that appears in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Equipped with machine guns, jet packs, and unique armored suits, these humans are capable of holding their own against the demonic plague.

Originally formed and trained to protect the public from threats, the riot police has since the onset of the plague devolved into little more than a heavily armed gang ransacking the city in search of survival and personal gain.


The state of chaos into which the city has been immersed has led the heavily armed security forces to revel in search of survival and personal gain. Using the advanced combat knowledge acquired at the academy and a total lack of ethics, they ransack and massacre any civilian who crosses their path, whether or not they are infected.
Their servo-armor protects them against the demonic plague through an air filtration system and gives them superhuman abilities, such as two extra arms equipped with knives and protective shields. They also have a jetpack on their backs that enables them to fight any threat from the air. To kill, they use a drum machine gun and advanced proximity mines that reduce everything within their sphere of action to a pulp.

Powers and abilities

Agile and boasting a shield to block attacks, the Riot Police can be a bit of a hassle if one doesn't know how to deal with them. Their shield can be broken with a couple hits with the Chaos Claws and when they fly back, throw out a Chaos Bomb to destroy the shield. When at a distance they will fire their machine guns (which can be blocked) and also can execute a AoE stomp that releases a small shockwave. When close, they can also dish out a combo of strikes with their blades, limbs and gun. They also blow up when defeated (unless the player performs the finisher). Also they can set out mines on the field. These mines can be temporarily deactivated with Shadow Daggers and destroyed with Chaos Bombs.


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