Rover Mansion (ローバーの館 Rōbā no Yakata?), also known as Lauber Mansion, is the second mansion accessible in Castlevania: Simon's Quest.


Rover Mansion is sitting on an island in the middle of Yuba Lake. The only way to reach it is to cross the lake (coming from the Aljiba Woods and taking the Lower Road) by kneeling at the base of the lake while using a Blue Crystal (obtained from the Crystal Trader in the town of Aljiba). This allows you to go underneath the lake and enter the mansion.

One thing that is dangerous about this mansion is that the town it is near, Aljiba, does not have a church which can heal you if you decide you're taking too much damage and want to escape. It can be risky traveling the road to the nearest church in Veros with low health.

The enemies in this mansion are the color purple, indicating they are more powerful than those found in Berkeley Mansion. Some of the skeletons in this mansion are somewhat more dangerous than the ones found in Berkeley Mansion. The first section of mansion consists of many stairs leading upwards and then downwards and is populated by Skeletons, Gargoyles, and Vampire Bats if entered at night that move in different patterns than those in the caves do. They flutter around in a circular like pattern and resting every now and then, inching closer to you in the process. This entire first section above the first stairs can be skipped through a secret false wall along the lower path. Indeed, the only way to get to the relic housed in this mansion is by going through this false wall. If you start on the bottom floor and head right, you will jump over a patch of water. The wall to the right of the second water hole is the one that you can go through.

Once beyond this false wall, the area is populated with Skeleton Soldiers who throw exploding bones and Knights. The Merchant, who will sell you an Oak Stake, can be found by following the lowest path possible. False floors above the Merchant will lead to spiked traps. The relic can be found by following the upper path.

One of the hints found in this mansion is "DESTROY THE CURSE WITH DRACULA'S HEART". Dracula's Heart is the relic housed in this mansion and having it will allow you to continue your quest. Showing this Relic to the Ferryman at the Dead River to the west of the town of Jova will cause him to take you to a place he normally doesn't take you to, allowing you to enter Brahm's Mansion.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Rover Mansion
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
ScimS1 ScimS2 ScimS4 ScimS5 ScimS3 29. Skeleton Soldier  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/4/8/16/32
Drop: Half Heart
Berkeley Mansion / Rover Mansion / Brahm's Mansion / Bodley Mansion / Laruba Mansion
KnightS1 KnightS3 KnightS5 KnightS4 KnightS2 30. Knight  (Lance Knight) [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/4/8/16/32
Drop: Half Heart
Berkeley Mansion / Rover Mansion / Brahm's Mansion / Bodley Mansion / Laruba Mansion
GargS1 GargS3 GargS2 19. The Gargoyle  (Devil) [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/4/8
Drop: Big Heart
Berkeley Mansion / Rover Mansion / Brahm's Mansion
BatS2 2. Vampire Bat [Mansion Type]  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 4
Drop: Small Heart
Rover Mansion, Brahm's Mansion


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