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The Royal Chapel (异端礼拜堂, Heretic Chapel in Chinese) is a stage in Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody. Its general design and layout is based on the Royal Chapel stage of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.


The chapel's bells ring again, but those gathered here are not the former believers. Dark magic echoes in the hall, his servants are chanting the master's name, and his sacrifice is about to begin...


The chapel is initially reached from the Marble Gallery. After a small entry-way, a long set of stairs rise up and to the right. At the top is a room where the Book of Darkness is housed. Above and to the right of this room leads to a series of Bell Towers and Chapel Corridors. Elevators are traversed at the top of these towers. The Dark Prist can be found in a corridor with a large painting in this area.

Enemy Data[]

Enemy Data: Royal Chapel
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location Notes
First found in entry-way
Spear Soldier Bestiary Model 2-7. Spear Soldier  (持枪士兵)(Armor) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Dracula's Castle, Marble Gallery, Royal Chapel, Clock Tower
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
First found in stairway
Archer Bestiary Model 8-3. Archer  (弓箭手)(Majin) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Marble Gallery, Outer Wall, Library, Royal Chapel
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Dragon Pillar Bestiary Model 9-3. Dragon Pillar  (龙柱)(Structure) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
"Rather than calling it a monster, it's more like a magical mechanism." - A hunter's account. "On the dragon bones that show no signs of life, there remains a large amount of magic power. It can spit H!! flames." Drop: 20,000 Gold
Royal Chapel
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Flying Beast Bestiary Model 10-3. Flying Beast  (飞兽) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Royal Chapel, Castle Keep
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Harpy Bestiary Model 5-11. Harpy  (鹰身女妖)(Demi-Human, Elite) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Royal Chapel
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
First found in Book of Darkness room
Boomerang Soldier Bestiary Model 8-6. Boomerang Soldier  (回旋镖士兵)(Majin) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Royal Chapel
Videos: Bestiary, 1st
Dark Priest Bestiary Model 8-13. Dark Priest  (黑暗神官)(Majin, Boss) - Moonlight Rhapsody [ edit ]
' Royal Chapel
Videos: Bestiary, 1st




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