Rusty is a Castlevania-like game produced by C-Lab in 1993 for the NEC PC-9800 home computer in Japan. It implemented many elements that were rarely used in past games, such as keys and whip-swinging obstacles.


  • Rustea "Rusty" Sprincul: The female protagonist of the game, a vampire huntress who happens upon an unnamed, distressed European village which is being victimized in an effort to resurrect the vampire count Monte Carlo, who has been dead for 300 years. She is capable of dashing and can whip straight up (similar to Castlevania IV). She is also capable of grabbing on to grapple points with her whip and swinging.
  • Bloody Mary: Count Monte Carlo's main henchwoman and a vampiress. She is attempting to revive the count after 300 years.
  • Marquis Monte-Carlo: The main villain, a Dracula-like vampire. The source of all the evils plaguing the village, he is an extremely powerful and ancient vampire who requires the blood of young women to be revived. He is the master of Bloodsoon Castle.
  • Brian Gateau: A mysterious masked hunter/huntress who has been kidnapping girls by order of Bloody Mary. It considers Rusty a rival in terms of skill, and apparently used to be a hunter/huntress itself before turning evil for unexplained reasons. Oddly, Brian helps Rusty after she defeats him for the final time.


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