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"An old, winding road from Wygol Village passes through this wood. Legends whisper that wayfarers lost along this forsaken path will find themselves in another world."
— In-game description

Ruvas Forest is a location in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. It is a path through the woods that connects Wygol Village to the Kalidus Channel. It appears on the map as a straight path from left to right, with no vertical relief. This stage has no boss.


Arguably one of the harder early game levels, Ruvas Forest consists of three long "rooms" of flat terrain filled with formidable combinations of enemies, like fleet footed Bone Scimitars backed up by slow, yet dangerous, Axe Armors and Nominons floating erratically above. Of note are the Necromancers unique to this area, who summon Zombies using Fidelis Caries, and Unes which blend well in the background and so are dangerous to an unsuspecting player.

This is not a good location to farm for chests, as they are placed far away from both exits and their contents are the same as the ones in the Monastery, which is easier to farm.

In Hard Mode, this area gets significantly harder with the addition of Winged Skeletons and gold Medusa Heads. It is especially tough at a fresh level 1 cap mode, where the player won't have any good equipment to compensate for the lack of leveling yet.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Ruvas Forest
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
OOE-Bat.gif 1. Bat  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the dark. Weak: Slash, Flame
HP: 1
Exp: 1
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 4
Monastery, Ruvas Forest, Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass
OOE-Zombie.gif 2. Zombie  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
A lively animated corpse, magically brought to life. Weak: Slash, Flame, Thunder, Stone
HP: 9
Exp: 1
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 6
Drop: Rotten Meat (5%)
Monastery, Giant's Dwelling
OOE-Skeleton.gif 3. Skeleton  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
A skeletal corpse controlled by magic. One of many. Strong: Ice, Darkness
Weak: Strike, Flame, Light
HP: 12
Exp: 3
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 5
Ecclesia, Monastery, Ruvas Forest, Giant's Dwelling
Bonescimitar.gif 6. Bone Scimitar  (Skeleton Soldier) [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
A skeleton warrior. Strangely, it fights with genuine courage. Strong: Ice, Darkness
Weak: Strike, Flame, Light
HP: 17
Exp: 5
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 8
Drop: Secare (15%)
Monastery, Ruvas Forest
Nominon.gif 8. Nominon  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
An evil, soul-sucking spirit that paralyzes its victims. Strong: Strike
Weak: Slash, Flame
HP: 16
Exp: 7
Atk: 12
Ruvas Forest, Kalidus Channel
Axeknight.gif 9. Axe Knight  (Axe Armor) [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
A heavily-armored warrior with an equally heavy axe. Strong: Flame
Weak: Strike, Thunder
HP: 23
Exp: 9
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 15
Drop: Copper Ore (5%), Ascia (12%)
Ruvas Forest, Minera Prison Island, Monastery (Hard Mode)
OOE-Une.gif 10. Une  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
This plant's diet of blood results in odd mutations. Strong: Thunder, Light
Weak: Slash, Flame
HP: 1
Exp: 1
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 14
Ruvas Forest, Argila Swamp
OOE-Necromancer.gif 12. Necromancer  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
Uses black magic to animate and control corpses. Weak: Stone
HP: 22
Exp: 7
Skill Pt: 1
Atk: 13
Steal: Fidelis Caries
Ruvas Forest
Hard Mode Enemies
Wingedguard-1-.gif 28. Winged Guard  (Flying Skeleton) [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
A skeleton given wings and made to fly. Strong: Ice, Darkness
Weak: Strike, Flame, Light
HP: 10
Exp: 1
Skill Pt: n/a
Atk: 26
Minera Prison Island, Tymeo Mountains, Forsaken Cloister, Ruvas Forest (Hard Mode), Skeleton Cave (Hard Mode)
97. Medusa Head  [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
Medusa's severed head spawned multitudes of these pests. Weak: Slash
HP: 1
Exp: 1
Skill Pt: n/a
Atk: 60
Mechanical Tower, Forsaken Cloister, Ruvas Forest (Hard Mode), Tymeo Mountains (Hard Mode)


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