SQ Flame

Sacred Flame from the Japanese Simon's Quest instruction booklet.

The Sacred Flame (sometimes called Mystic Flame or simply The Flame) is a sub-weapon in Castlevania: Simon's Quest. It weakens the creatures' evil powers.


Found under a set of breakable blocks along Dabi's Path. The player initially enters this section of the cave from the top-left side of the screen; proceed all the way to the right and descend the platforms located at the other end - the lowermost of these platforms can be destroyed by tossing a vial of Holy Water at it, which in turn gives access to the path that leads back to the left side of the cave, but this time on ground level. At the far end lies a set of breakable blocks - toss a few vials of Holy Water at it to reveal the Sacred Flame sub-weapon from underneath.


The Sacred Flame possesses a medium-range damage output. When thrown, it consumes 1 Heart and flies in a small arc to the ground. Once it lands, a gout of fire will slowly rise from the initial landing spot and then slowly trickle back down. Any enemy caught in the flame will get stunned in place and suffer successive damage during the gout's duration.

This sub-weapon is useful when there are enemies at a lower level which cannot be damaged directly without putting oneself at risk, and can even be used to damage enemies on upper floors that block the path while climbing up stairs.

Furthermore, the Sacred Flame is especially effective when dealing against mobs of Slimes, as the temporary barrier it creates will stop them on their tracks while inflicting continuous damage at the same time. During daytime and while outdoors, the flame's sole contact with these enemies is usually enough to destroy them in a single hit.

Item Data

Item Data: Sacred Flame
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Sacred Flame Icon Sacred Flame (Fire) [alt] - Simon's Quest [edit]
The flame weakens the creatures' evil powers. Simon Belmont  Consume: 1 Heart  Find: Dabi's Path (...)


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