Sage Eneomaos is an unseen character mentioned in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. The most obvious mention of his or her name is the stage Eneomaos Machine Tower. There are also tablets of decipherable text in various areas that are excerpts of his lore. Given his name and the location named after him, we can assume that Sage Eneomaos was a master of machinery that also apparently had great knowledge of the art of Devil Forging.


Throughout his journey, Hector may come across some ancient inscriptions carved on walls and written in an ancient language. If a Tiramisu Fairy-Type Innocent Devil has learned the Decipher ability, once he walks near one of these, the Fairy-Type will go over it and decipher these messages:

Forest of Jigramunt

Curse of Darkness - Sage Eneomaos - 01

"Glide toward the moon from the top of the tower.
Fear not, and a path will open before thee."

This inscription says that one must "glide" from the top of a "tower". This means Hector must first get to the top of the Tower of Eternity. Once there, the moon can be seen on the horizon and another tower in the distance, the Tower of Evermore. To reach it, Hector must use the Long Glide ability from a Bird-Type Innocent Devil which at some point has evolved into a Wingosaurus, and glide toward the distant tower.

Aiolon Ruins

Curse of Darkness - Sage Eneomaos - 02

"The legendary "Laser Blade"
With 9 different blades needed, the combination is quite difficult.
A fire burns perpetually from the enchanted sword."

This inscription hints of the existence of a very powerful sword, the Laser Blade. However, it also warns that the combination is very difficult, as it needs nine types of swords for its creation, some of which require very rare materials themselves (like a Beelzebub's Seal and a Dark Crystal to create the 7 Bladed Sword).

Infinite Corridor

Curse of Darkness - Sage Eneomaos - 03

"There is only one correct path to the ultimate devil-type evolution.
Find "Shyovasli" or the path will never open."

This inscription hints that the only way to evolve a Devil-Type Innocent Devil to its final form, The End, is by collecting Evo Crystals produced while wielding the Chauve-souris. "Shyovasli" is a mistranslation of Chauve-souris in the US version of the game; it correctly says "Chauve-souris" in the European version.

Dracula's Castle

Curse of Darkness - Sage Eneomaos - 04

"Find the "Pumpkin Mace."
A legendary Innocent Devil may be open to thee."

This inscription hints about the existence of a secret Innocent Devil, Pumpkin. It also warns that the only way to wake him up is by using the Pumpkin Mace on him.

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