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Saint-Domingue is a location in Castlevania: Nocturne. It is a French colony in the Caribbean Sea. Annette and Edouard hail from this place, as well as the slave owner, Vaublanc the vampire.

Historical background[]

Saint-Domingue was a real life French colony in the western portion of the Caribbean island of Hayti, in the area of modern-day Haiti, from 1659 to 1804. The name derives from the Taino people of the island. Commonly referred to as the island of Hispaniola, given to it by the Spanish and French colonizers. Santo Domingo, which came to refer specifically to the Spanish-held Captaincy General of Santo Domingo, now the Dominican Republic. The borders between the two were fluid and changed over time until they were finally solidified in the Dominican War of Independence in 1844.

In 1791, enslaved people and some Dominican Creoles took part in a Vodou ceremony at Bois Caïman and planned the Haitian Revolution, led by Toussaint Louverture. The slave rebellion later allied with Republican French forces following the abolition of slavery in the colony in 1793. France controlled the entirety of Hispaniola from 1795 to 1802, when a renewed rebellion began. The last French troops withdrew from the western portion of the island in late 1803, and the colony later declared its independence on January 01, 1804 as Haiti, to honor the indigenous (Taino) name for the island.

Overview and history[]

Saint-Domingue is a French port colony settled on a hill in front of the Caribbean Sea. Its main economy is likely derived from fishing, sea trading and sugar plantations. A wealthy entrepreneur named Vaublanc had a successful and vast plantation which was worked by the many slave families he owned. However, Vaublanc was secretly a vampire who ruled the place with an iron first and he had also strictly prohibited any kind of charms, songs or dances within the slave commune. During her branding day, one of Vaublanc's slaves, named Annette, whose mother he had brutally killed years before, unexpectedly manifested magical powers which allowed her to escape her master.

Annette fled into the more populated area of the colony and sought refuge inside the Comedie du Cap Opera House, where she met Edouard, a creole opera singer who helped her escape. Not long after this, Annette joined a group of revolutionary slaves and was presented to their leader, a mambo named Cecile, who taught her how to properly control her magical powers, as well as many spells.

The slaves had been planning to revel against the French colonists, and one night, Cecile performed a Vodou ritual which marked the beginning of the revolt all over Saint-Domingue, which, due to the hostilities of that night, ended up almost completely engulfed in flames. On their part, both Annette and Edouard headed alone toward Vaublanc's plantation and engaged in a fierce fight with the vampire, although in the end, he was able to escape by transforming into a bat.

The revolutionaries started celebrating this victory after the battle, but Cecile suddenly had a horrible premonition about the coming of an evil goddess who was planning to bring pain and death, and conquer the entire world. Cecile instructed Annette to seek help in France, and so, both she and Edouard left the colony.



Concept art[]


  • While in the series, it isn't explicitly stated the date when the slaves rebellion of Saint-Domingue took place, the real life Vodou ceremony of Bois Caïman and subsequent first slave revolt of the Haitian Revolution took place in 1791, while the main events of the series' story take place one year later, in 1792. This would correctly match with the chronology of the series timeline, including Annette and Edouard's apparent age during the flashback.
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