Saint Elmos are enemies in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. They are evil spirits whose power causes shipwrecks.


St. Elmo's fire - 01

St. Elmo's fire on a ship at sea.

The Santelmo is a creature of Philippine mythology. The term santelmo is the shortened form of St. Elmo's fire, a strange weather phenomenon named after Erasmus of Formia, the patron saint of sailors. This phenomenon has long served as an omen of heavenly intervention to sailors and involves a luminous plasma created by coronal discharge from a pointed object in an atmospheric electric field. Sailors see this occur on their ships during a storm at sea; however, they are divided to the type of omen it is. For some it is an omen of bad luck and stormy weather due to compass interference, for others it is a omen of good luck.

St. Elmo's fires have ranged from a ghostly dancing flame to natural fireworks. It usually is of a blue or bluish-white color attached to fixed, grounded conductors, and has a lifetime of minutes. The flame is heatless and non-consuming, occasionally accompanied by a hissing sound. These latter properties prove the myths of spiritual presence.


A rather large, bluish, evil spirit that resembles a skeletal human torso with an ectoplasmic tail. They appear in infinite numbers in oceanic areas, announcing their presence with a nostalgic sigh. They enter from either side of the screen and change direction once to aim toward Shanoa, continuing their path until they leave.

Enemy DataEdit

44 Saint Elmo 13 30
Tolerance Weakness
Strike, Slash, Darkness Light
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Somnus Reef - - 6 1
Description "An evil spirit whose power causes shipwrecks."
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