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Count Saint Germain (also written as Saint-Germain) is a character in the Castlevania animated series. He is a mysterious man investigating the events of Lindenfeld and of its priory.

He is voiced by Bill Nighy in the English version of the show.



Count Saint Germain puts up a charlatan-like front in order for others to think of him as a traveling scholar and trickster. In reality, he is extremely experienced, wise, possibly immortal, and possibly from a different space or time. Saint Germain possesses knowledge many would consider heretical and eccentric, stemming from a lifetime of diverse adventures. He hints at these stories throughout Season 3 but never divulges; it is clear that Saint Germain prefers not to share this knowledge, as few would understand or accept it. The Count hides his ambiguities behind an otherwise sophisticated charming persona. He can also be impatient and arrogant, sometimes coming off as condescending.

Saint Germain's one true motivation is reuniting with someone dear whom he lost in the Infinite Corridor. It is for this reason that he had come to Lindenfeld (the town's priory was a portal to the Infinite Corridor). He prefers not to share this knowledge, as few would understand or accept it.

His experience with the infinite Corridor has left Saint Germain with PTSD – it is shown that he no longer sleeps peacefully, often waking up from flashback-nightmares of the Corridor. It can be inferred that it is for this reason that he sleeps fully-dressed, as the ritual of sleep has eluded him since his encounter with the Corridor. Trevor and Sypha both note that he is deeply sad and lonely. They also suspect that he was happy to drop his act with them, so he could once again have friends who really understand him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Magician: Using a special gem, Saint Germain is able to exert control over the Infinite Corridor and some monsters.
  • Persuasive: Saint Germain is talented at negotiation, shown when talking his way into the tightly-guarded priory and recruiting Trevor and Sypha to his cause.
  • Highly educated: Knowing multiple languages, Saint Germain was able to teach educated priests about the details of their own books. Saint Germain is exceptionally knowledgeable, and the foremost expert on the nature of the Infinite Corridor.
  • Immortality (unproven): Saint Germain claims himself to be "immortal and glorious", although whether or not this is true has yet to be seen.

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