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"God created everything. God created Hell. If God created Hell. If God is perfect, then causing Lucifer to go to Hell is his plan. The wisdom of Hell and its night creatures is God's wisdom."
— Sala in "I Have a Scheme"

Prior Sala (サラ修道院長 Sara Shūdōin-chō?, lit. "Abbot Sara") is a character in the Castlevania animated series. He is the mysterious leader of the monks in Lindenfeld and an antagonist who wishes to resurrect Dracula.

He was voiced by Navid Negahban in the English version of the show.


Prior Sala and his monks come from the Lindenfeld priory to investigate when Trevor and Sypha arrive to the town dragging a deceased night creature behind their caravan. He inquires if they killed it, and when told they did, he approved as he stated his disgust with the night creatures that betrayed Dracula at Braila. He professes sympathy with Dracula's revenge against Humanity for having killed his wife. Sala also mysteriously comments that Lisa is "alive in Hell". The encounter results in the Judge shooing the monks away for putting everyone on edge.

The next morning, Sala is questioned by Saint Germain as to whether the prior had taken his request to have access to the priory library into consideration. Sala at first rejects the request in annoyance, until Saint Germain explains his knowledge of Hell and that some books in the priory might contain information that could he transcribe for them. Upon learning of the possibility to gain new knowledge of Hell, Sala quickly changes his attitude and approves the request, though only for restricted access. Later, when Saint Germain visits the priory and lightly comments on the repellent state the building has fallen into, Sala seems unfazed.

From there, Sala becomes increasingly impatient to learn of what Saint Germain discovers from the books he's given access too, although he is placated when he learns the symbol on the armbands that he and his monks were given by their "Visitor" is the alchemic symbol for Hell. However, Sala, as he rebuffed Saint Germain about earlier, is not dumb and becomes suspicious of Germain's snooping about the priory. He hastily begins the final preparations for The Harvest, revealing that the Visitor was actually a large night creature that had previously attacked Lindenfeld and the priory, and pushed the monks toward insanity in a bid to prepare for a ritual that would open the Infinite Corridor in the priory's basement. The Visitor and the monks hope to open the Corridor and allow Dracula to return to the world from Hell.

The Harvest commences, and the souls of the townsfolk of Lindenfeld are sacrificed along with the Visitor's blood to open the portal to the Infinite Corridor. As demons begin to pour from the portal, the Judge mounts an attack against the priory with Trevor and Sypha. The battle results in Sala fleeing the building and attacking the Judge in a rage, stabbing the man with a knife and mortally wounding him. As the Judge lies dying, he tells Sala of a secret exit from the town where the prior can escape the chaos. Suspicious but panicking, Sala nonetheless follows the Judge's directions and ends up falling into the pit of spikes trap the Judge had set up previously, killing him.


Prior Sala has a deeply intense and threatening demeanor. All who meet him instantly sense that he is twisted and that they should tread lightly around him.

Once a normal priest, Sala felt two shocks that warped him. The knowledge that the Church was behind the war on Wallachia challenged many a priest's faith. More significantly, an exceptionally powerful night creature broke into his priory and turned the monks of the priory to its will.

Since then, Sala has been broken. Letting his priory fall into filth, and his congregation goes insane. While he and his monks are clearly unwell, they are highly functional as defenders of the priory.

Sala still believes in God, but believes that if God is perfect then sending Lucifer, the light-bringer, to Hell was part of a greater plan. Hence Lucifer, the demons of Hell, the night creatures, and Dracula are in fact bearers of the true wisdom. Sala is always seeking to learn more about Hell, giving the educated Saint Germain an opening into the first level of the priory.

Sala worships Dracula, believing that his plan to kill all humans would bring humans to Hell, the true land of God. He hates those who betrayed Dracula and seeks to revive him by opening a gate to Hell.


Season 3
3-01. Bless Your Dead Little Hearts
3-02. The Reparation of My Heart
3-03. Investigators
3-04. I Have a Scheme
3-05. A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement
3-06. The Good Dream
3-07. Worse Things Than Betrayal
3-08. What the Night Brings
3-09. The Harvest
3-10. Abandon All Hope


  • "Dracula sought to reunite us all in Hell with his beloved wife." ("Bless Your Dead Little Hearts")
  • "Dracula's wife is alive in Hell. Dracula went from Braila to join her there." ("The Reparation of My Heart")
  • "I wish you'd stop talking to me like I'm insane, Saint Germain. It's not like I am some demented child that will wet itself if you stop patting me on the head." ("I Have a Scheme")
  • "You have shown us the truth. We have listened. We have prepared. We have restrained you, as you wished. We have given you time to meditate as you asked. God has abandoned the Earth. Dracula must be brought back. It is what you want. It is what he who forged you would want. We do this in the name of our Visitor, and his forgemaster, Isaac. When the sun goes down, we shall do what needs to be done." ("What the Night Brings")





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