Santa Lilio Sangre ~Akai Yuri~ Ayami Kojima Art Works (Santa Lilio Sangre 緋いユリ 小島文美画集 Santa Lilio Sangre 〜Akai Yuri〜 Kojima Ayami Gashū?) is a collection of artworks by Ayami Kojima released in November, 2010. It includes many previously unreleased concept art for past Castlevania titles she has worked on.


The first collection of paintings by Japanese illustrator and designer Ayami Kojima over 10 years, from game, character and novel illustrations, as well as illustrations in other fields, to unpublished works.


Note: Only Castlevania-related pictures were added to this gallery.


  • Akai Yuri (赤い ゆり?) translates from Japanese to "Red Lily".


  1. Vampire Killer - Source for the image.

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