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"I can feel it. My heartbeat is weakening and my blood is growing cold... I can feel myself changing into something inhuman... If my soul can save others, then I won't die in vain. I do not want anyone else to suffer my fate."
— Sara's last words to Leon

Sara Trantoul (サラ・トラントゥール Sara Torantūru?) was the fiancée of Leon Belmont. She was reluctantly killed by him after being infected with vampirism. Her soul bonded with the Whip of Alchemy, forging with this the now legendary Vampire Killer.

Character's history

"Leon's betrothed who has been abducted by a vampire. The daughter of a wealthy landowner, she is adored by all."
— Official background

The 18 year-old daughter of a wealthy landowner; she is adored by all, especially by her betrothed, Leon Belmont. Sara is a sweet and beautiful girl who extends a helping hand to anyone who needs it, in spite of being wealthy. She is modest but has a strong heart.

On the day before she was married to Leon, she was kidnapped by the vampire Walter Bernhard. She was eventually rescued by Leon, but unfortunately not before being bitten by Walter and infected with vampirism.

Even though Sara felt grief that she was going to lose her humanity, her only wish was to be able to help Leon; so, in order to defeat the vampire, she made a soul and blood pact with Leon, sacrificing her life to bind her soul to the Whip of Alchemy and with this forge the now legendary Vampire Killer whip.


Since Sara had perished during the events of Lament of Innocence before she and Leon had children, she is not part of the Belmont Family. Her dying wish, however, left a tremendous impact on Leon, because his desire to keep the promise he made to her drove him to vow that his descendants would hunt the night. In other words, Sara's wish evolved into the clan's destiny each time Dracula was brought back from the dead.


  • The manner in which Sara is shown to be slowly succumbing to vampirism might be inspired by how Mina Harker was similarly afflicted in the 1897 Gothic horror novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker. The similarities go as far as the protagonists, in both cases, at one point managing to rescue both maidens and keeping them under their care in a race against time, while they on their part still display a strong determination to maintain their humanity.
  • Sara's dialogue line "If my soul can save others, then I won't die in vain." is reminiscent to Lisa's words to Alucard during her execution "If my death can save others, I gladly surrender my life."

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