Lucifer - 01

William Blake's illustration of Lucifer as presented in John Milton's Paradise Lost.

For the Lords of Shadow character, see Satan (Lords of Shadow).
For the demon enemy, see Devil.

Satan (also known as Lucifer, and sometimes as The Devil) is a demon and the ruler of Hell, said to have been a 'dark lord'.


In 1792, cultists call upon the power of Satan, the Devil, in order to resurrect Dracula again.[1][2]

In 1844, Cornell, or in 1852, Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez, agree to a contract with Satan not to spend over 30,000 gold. If they spend more than this, Renon will appear before them and reveal the fine print in his contract, revealing his true identity, and coming to enforce the contract with them to make their souls his. At which point he transforms into his true demonic form to fight the characters.

Satan is also occasionally mentioned in items in other games of the series, such as Satan's Ring, which is said Satan himself once wore (note this only appears in English localizations; the 'Dark Lord' mentioned is generally believed to actually be Dracula himself).

Lucifer's Sword is an artifact found in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence in 1094.



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