For the original timeline enemy, see Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow is an enemy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Three Scarecrows are encountered in the game as part of a puzzle in the Woes Moor.


The Scarecrows are magical constructs of the Crow Witch Malphas that attack and kill anything that moves. Malphas created the Scarecrows to keep Baba Yaga under her watchful eye and, where possible, to nullify her power by restricting her movement. The Scarecrows are roused by the birds which follow the evil Crow Witch's bidding. The scarecrows are extremely fast and attack with razor-sharp scythes.

The scarecrows are bonded to their posts and are alive, but do not appear so normally. The scarecrows only react to crows landing on their heads. If the birds leave too quickly, the scarecrow may remain inert and will not respond to a warrior's blows.

When Gabriel Belmont encountered Baba Yaga, she refused to help him unless he destroyed the Scarecrows and re-obtained the keys to her music box that they had stolen from her.


54-hud boss scarecrow

The first challenge is waking the Scarecrows. One must move the crows around the level until they land on the Scarecrow and wake it up. Once combat begins, the best strategy is to keep distance, slowly weakening them (and avoiding damage). Once stunned, they can be grabbed to start a timed event and be destroyed.

Woes Moor TrialEdit

The trial at Woes Moor is to solve the puzzle and obtain the keys from the Scarecrows in under 13 moves.

Enemy DataEdit

Scarecrow sm-1-
Name Size Difficulty Chapter
Scarecrow Big High Chapter 9: Woes Moor
Silver Dagger Explosive Dagger Holy Water Flasks Divine Shield
Weak - Weak Weak
Fairy Light Fairy Dark Crystal
Strong Weak Weak
"The Scarecrows are magical constructs of the Crow Witch Malphas that attack and kill anything that moves.(...)"


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