The Sealed Room[1] is a location in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It consists of the room where the game begins, as well as the chasm and cave that lead to the Catacomb.


Although the name of this area doesn't appear normally, it can be shown by using a code in an emulator. It consists of five rooms:

  1. The first room, where the game starts.
  2. A tall room full of Skeleton Bombers.
  3. A hidden room on the left wall of the first room (the one with an HP max).
  4. A room above the third room (the one with the Skeleton Medalist).
  5. The final room, where the second form of Dracula is fought.

Enemy Data

Enemy Data: Sealed Room (edit)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Bombskele Skeleton Bomber (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon
' Strong: Fire
HP: 20/150 (*)
Exp: 4/550
Atk: 50/500
Def: 40/200
Common Drop: Salamander (20%)
Rare Drop: Potion (1%)
Sealed Room, Catacomb, Chapel Tower, Outer Wall, Battle Arena(*)
Skelemedal Skeleton Medalist (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon
' Strong: Wind
HP: 250
Exp: 1,500
Atk: 100
Def: 100
Common Drop: Toy Ring (10%)
Rare Drop: Bear Ring (1%)
Sealed Room
Dracula [Second Form] (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Darkness
HP: 3,000
Exp: 0
Atk: 1,000
Def: 1,000
Sealed Room


Sealed Room
  • First room of Sealed Room
  • Second room of Sealed Room
  • Third room of Sealed Room
  • Fourth room of Sealed Room
  • Fifth room of Sealed Room


  • Konami's Shinkigensha Official Guide for Circle of the Moon states that at least most areas conforming the Sealed Room belong to the Audience Room, while only one belongs to the Catacomb. On the other hand, the NTT Pub Official Guide (also from Konami) states that all areas belong to the Catacomb.
    • In addition, the Shinkigensha guide mentions that the last room, where the final battle against Dracula takes place, is called Isekai (異世界), which translates to "Different World".

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Unofficial name obtained through the use of a code in an emulator.
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