For the Lords of Shadow mentioned character, see Selena Belmont.

Selena (セレナ Serena?) is a character in the 1988 arcade game Haunted Castle. She is Simon Belmont's just married bride, who is kidnapped on their way home from their wedding by Count Dracula, setting off the events of the game.


While still walking away from the church after getting married with her beloved husband Simon Belmont, the sky suddenly turns dark and a bolt of lighting sacrilegiously destroys the cross that adorns the top of the holy building. An ominous figure then emerges from the clouds: the fearsome vampire lord, Count Dracula, who quickly snatches Selena and takes her away to his castle before Simon can do anything.

Simon then embarks on a long and perilous journey to rescue her. He ultimately succeeds in this task and slays the vampire. The two lovers then watch from a cliff as the castle crumbles.


Neither Simon nor his bride were given a name in the actual arcade game Haunted Castle; however, their names were mentioned in the 1989 help video Konami Best Selection, where Simon's bride is called "Selena". It's not clear if this should be considered to be official information for the game, though. As Haunted Castle is considered to take place in an alternate continuity, Selena is not an exception.

The Devil Castle Dracula: The Battle of Old Castle indicates that Simon's girlfriend's name was Mina. The character Linda Entwhistle from the Worlds of Power: Simon's Quest children's novel is an alternative version of Simon's girlfriend who was not rescued at the end of the first Castlevania game. The character Illyana Belmont from the Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy comics is a similar character and is the wife of Christopher Belmont, who was taken by Dracula the day after their wedding.

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