Shadow Claws is an ability for Alucard used to climb up highlighted walls and slowly descend them down avoiding any damage. He obtains this after consuming the Reaver's blood, eventually spreading through Alucard's veins growing dark claws on his fingertips.

Prior to his transformation, a similar ability is used by Trevor, except he uses his Combat Cross to mimic the same ability. With the stake part of the weapon he jabs a hole in the wall enough to support himself, then jumps and the sharp point of it to descend down walls. 

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Shadow Claws
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Shadow Claws Icon Shadow Claws - Mirror of Fate [edit]
When the infected blood of the Reaver spreads through Alucard's veins, claws grew out of the tips of his fingers. With them, he can descend slowly down chasms and climb certain walls. Alucard  Find: Terrace
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