Not to be confused with Black Knight.

The Shadow Knight is an enemy in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. He is a strong knight who sold his soul to the Devil.


Shadow Knights are found as a common enemy in the Chaotic Realm. They are the strongest variant of the Great Armor enemies found in the game in terms of attack, but they lack the battery of resistances that the Final Guard has, instead being weak to Holy damage. This means they're substantially easier to kill than the Final Guard in practice.

The Shadow Knight can inflict three kinds of damage types. Touching its body or shield causes non-elemental damage. Touching its blade causes Sword damage. Getting hit by its ground explosion causes Fire damage. Each of these attacks use 100% of his STR.

A Shadow Knight has almost all the same moves as a Final Guard, the only move it doesn't have is guarding. The soul it yields is the Guardian Shadow Knight guardian soul, which behaves much like the Creaking Skull, Big Golem and Cagnazzo guardian souls, as it summons a Shadow Knight to attack any enemies who try to damage Soma. It's not as powerful as Creaking Skull, but has faster attack speed. It covers the same range as Big Golem.

Enemy Data

106 Shadow Knight 3,000 999 3,000
Attack Defense Tolerance Weakness Time Stop
85 45 Sword, Darkness Holy Unaffected
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul
Chaotic Realm - Super Potion Guardian Shadow Knight
Description "This strong knight sold his soul to the Devil."

Item Data

Item Data: Shadow Knight
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Super Potion AoS Icon Super Potion (X-Potion) - Aria of Sorrow [edit]
Restores ALL HP. Magical Item
HP +100%
Sell: $2,500 
Rare Drop: Shadow Knight
Blue Soul Shadow Knight - Guardian Shadow Knight (jpn) - Aria of Sorrow [edit]
His shadow fights beside him. Guardian Soul
Attrib: Sword
Consume: 5 MP/sec 
35 AP
Drop: Shadow Knight


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