Order of EcclesiaEdit

"Destroy Dracula, so people can look to dawn without fearing the darkness. That is our sole purpose."
— Shanoa

Shanoa is one of Ecclesia's female warriors. She joined the clan at a young age, and was groomed in her training to destroy Count Dracula. An accident during the Dominus ceremony wiped away her memories and emotions. Shanoa possesses a unique ability, allowing her to channel power through glyphs that are marked on her body.


Shanoa comes from a period in history when the Belmonts have disappeared from the world, and an order known as Ecclesia formed to oppose Dracula. She is a female warrior of their order. She draws her power from tattoos on her body - called glyphs - to execute skills instantly. She was saved by the organization at a young age, and raised to be a trump card in Dracula's destruction.

Harmony of DespairEdit

A sorceress in the Order of Ecclesia, an organization which pledged to fight Dracula, Shanoa fought Dracula with Magical Glyphs at her command. With the power of Magnes, she can also cling to magnets. Her expressionless face belies the great power that hides within.