Shinkigensha Co., Ltd. (新紀元社? lit. "New Century Company") is a Japanese publisher. They have published official guides for several Castlevania games.


Established on March 4, 1982, Shinkigensha initially mainly published computer manuals and worked on the script for the TV series PC Sunday.

The company started publishing fantasy-themed and tabletop role-playing game guides in the late 1980s, becoming well established in the genre, which included the explanation of original material that appear in fantasy games, such as terms and items. Since the background of such items was still unknown at the dawn of Japanese role-playing gaming, the company's publications greatly helped gamers across the country to understand their mechanics, gaining with this wide popularity.

Around the same time, in addition to fantasy-related guides, the company also published many military-related commentary books, adapting to them the style of explaining functioning mechanics, such as those seen in simulation games.

Since the late 1990s, the company has expanded to the genre of computer game guidebooks and computer games and animation fan books. In recent years, the company has incurred in other genres, such as light novels, plastic model production technique guides, tabletop role-playing rule books, and publications targeted to the female public.

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