Shooter Mode is an alternate mode in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon where the utilization of sub-weapons is enhanced while other means of attack are handicapped. It is unlocked by completing the game in Magician and Fighter Modes and can be played by starting a new game and inputting the name "CROSSBOW" at the Name Entry Screen.


In this mode, all of the offensive sub-weapons deal much more damage. The Axe, Holy Water and Crucifix sub-weapons also have their Heart costs cut in half. In addition, if Nathan has the Knife sub-weapon in his possession and he collects another Knife, he can use the "Homing Knife" sub-weapon, which automatically seeks out an enemy at the cost of reduced damage (although still more damaging than using a standard attack).

In Shooter Mode, the player begins the game with the following stat values:

  • HP: 50 (+5 HP per level up, normally 100 and +10, respectively)
  • STR: 71 (+7 STR per level up, normally 100 and +10, respectively)
  • DEF: 50 (+5 DEF per level up, normally 100 and +10, respectively)
  • Hearts: 250 (starts with 125 in possession, +5 Hearts per level up, normally 25, 50 and +2, respectively)

Nathan's MP, INT and LCK stats are unchanged compared to the Normal Mode.

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