The Silhouette Demon is a miniboss in Castlevania: Bloodlines.


The Silhouette Demon is a playoff of an optical illusion. Two giant faces facing each other appear at both sides of a pillar and take its place; they then proceed to shoot energy from their eyes at the center of the screen, from which either three or four energy balls are then launched at random spots across the room, which start ricocheting along the walls, floor and ceiling (can be destroyed).

After the attack, the faces disappear and the pillar becomes visible once again, which is the only time when it becomes vulnerable to attack.

The process is repeated until the pillar is destroyed, which allows the player to proceed further into the level.

Enemy DataEdit

Bl-pillar Spillars
Name Alt. Name
Silhouette Demon Evil Tower Guardians[1]
5. Versailles Palace




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