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Simon Belmont 8-bit sprite

Simon Belmont was the famous ancestor of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonanceʼs protagonist Juste Belmont. By the time of this game, he was either deceased or an old man of the age of 79 years. He doesn't have any direct appearances in the storyline, but his previous quest forms the backdrop for this story. After defeating Dracula in Castlevania, Simon had to gather the bodily remains (relics) of Dracula in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and burn them in order to cure a curse that Dracula had placed on him upon his defeat. Fate had dictated for undisclosed reasons that his grandson Juste should also hunt for the Dracula's relics fifty years later. Juste's close friend, Maxim Kischine sought to relieve him of this fate and took it upon himself to gather them in his place. This act brought into existence an incomplete castle and a new enemy. During the game, Juste would have to repeat "Simon's Quest" and gather Dracula's remains, which had been placed throughout the castle, in order to get to the bottom of this. He also fights whip toting skeletal wraiths that take the form of Simon.

Boss Rush Mode[]

For details on how to play as Simon, see Konami Code.

A hidden playable version of Simon Belmont is available in the game using the Konami Code in Boss Rush Mode. His sprite is virtually the same as his sprite in the original Castlevania game, and his behavior remains roughly the same. He is armed with his Vampire Killer whip and has access to the sub-weapons in his original game, minus the Stopwatch. His sub-weapons (Dagger, Axe, Holy Water, and Cross) look like and play like the sub-weapons that Juste uses, except that the Holy Water remains in the place where it is thrown (resembling its NES behavior). He is able to carry a total of 249 Hearts. Unlike Juste and Maxim, Simon does not drop a sub-weapon if he is already wielding one (similar to previous titles starring Simon). One must take care and choose wisely which sub-weapon will be used throughout the mode. Although his movements and aerial mobility are rather "stiff" (comparable to his NES appearance), his overall statistics are stronger than the other two playable characters, possessing a higher amount of HP, STR, and INT. When the Boss Rush mode is entered as Simon, a remixed version of the Vampire Killer theme will play throughout the session. If Hard Mode is cleared using Simon, a short ending will be shown: after the final time clear, an image will depict Dracula's Castle in an imagery paying homage to the ending from Castlevania. The castle will slowly fade away (unlike the NES's crumbling castle), followed by the faded-in appearance of the phrase "Simon Belmont Forever" ("Simon Belmondo Forever" in Japan).

Item Data[]

Item Data: Simon Belmont Equipment
Image Name - Game
  Type - Users
Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Primary Weapon
Oie transparentHoDSimonVK
Vampire Killer - Harmony of Dissonance
  Weapon (Whip) - Juste, Simon
Find: Start with
Dagger Icon Dagger - Harmony of Dissonance
  Sub-Weapon - Juste, Simon
Consume: 1 Heart (2 when Logoth's Ring is equipped).
Effect: Dagger Throw
Special: Triple Dagger (parallel) with Logoth's Ring; Can be combined with various Spell Books for more powerful attacks.
Axe HoD Icon Axe - Harmony of Dissonance
  Sub-Weapon - Juste, Simon
Consume: 4 Hearts (6 when Heaven's Ring is equipped).
Effect: Arc Throw
Special: Slower with Heaven's Ring; Can be combined with various Spell Books for more powerful attacks.
Holy Water HoD Icon Holy Water - Harmony of Dissonance
  Sub-Weapon - Juste, Simon
Consume: 3 Hearts (5 when Chaos Ring is equipped).
Effect: Smashed on ground in front of Juste and promulgates in a wave.
Special: Bounces with Chaos Ring; Can be combined with various Spell Books for more powerful attacks.
Boomerang HoD Icon Cross - Harmony of Dissonance
  Sub-Weapon - Juste, Simon
Consume: 5 Hearts (8 when Nova Ring is equipped).
Effect: Thrown forward and then returns
Special: Thrown further and faster with Nova Ring; Can be combined with various Spell Books for more powerful attacks.




  • If Simon walks off a ledge, then immediately press the jump, button, he will perform a mid-air jump. Immediately when landing from this, jumping again will have him jump but unable to move vertically from this jump. Mid-air jumps can prove useful for reaching some aerial bosses.